Hearthstone Battlegrounds is certainly no stranger to skins and plenty of thematic sets of them, and this upcoming holiday season is no different! Here are all the new bartenders and skins that you can expect to see in Hearthstone.

New Bartenders

Chef Nomi makes an appearance as a bartender and a character from World of Warcraft's Feast of Winter Veil event, Macey Jinglepocket, joins him. Macey Jinglepocket is a Goblin that hangs out in Ironforge during the holidays and sells an assortment of drinks, cheeses, and meats.

  • Chef Nomi will be available for purchase in the shop.
  • Macey Jinglepocket is obtainable from the upcoming Battle Bash.

Chef Nomi Card Image Macey Jinglepocket Card Image

New Holiday Hero Skins - Shop

These skins will be available in the Battleground's shop. We're not certain if they will be individually available or in a bundle.

  • Greatfather Lich King is already available in the in-game shop for 300 Runestones.

Frostbitten Greybough Card Image Greatfather Lich King Card Image Millificent Mechastorm Card Image

Nutcracker King Card Image Veil Savior Tess Card Image 

New Holiday Hero Skins - Battle Bash

These skins will be featured in an upcoming Battle Bash.

Feastmaster Cookie Card Image Gifting Gallywix Card Image Naughty List Tickatus Card Image

Wing-Spring Onyxia Card Image Yeti Curator Card Image

New Hero Skins - Special Tinker Town Event

Not much is known about the Tinker Town event right now. It is likely holiday themed though considering a reference to a Winter Veil Rebellion.

Ini Snowmaster Card Image Tinker Town Toki Card Image