It's one of those times of the year again when everyone has an opinion on the new cards but the real power level still remains a mystery - and now we have a new class in the mix as well. However, the community is full of brave individuals ready to take their best bet at every card and put the whole thing on video - and those are what we'll take a look at today.

Collaborative Reviews

Feno, Hunterace, Jambre, and Meati teamed up as well to produce this review video. They also shared a card rating spreadsheet for those that just want to see some numbers.

Teamwork has been the method of choice for other creators as well:

  • The pro players of team HypeHorizen (McBanterFace, DreadEye, and GamerRvg) gathered for another card review session on Twitch.
  • NoHandsGamer and J_Alexander produced a set of videos and a flashy spreadsheet from their review.

Review Videos

Plenty of creators have also been busy lately and pumped out review videos as the reveals have progressed.

  • A reveal season staple: Trump reviewing all the cards.
  • RegisKillbin has also been making videos each day that new cards got revealed, as usual.
  • Zeddy has also given his thoughts about the new cards in a series of videos.
  • Kibler has given his opinions on both Death Knight as a class as well as the new cards.
  • Bunnyhoppor has put together three videos reviewing the different Death Knight cards.

Other Formats

Usually the card reviews are done mostly with Standard in mind, but there are several reviews out there concentrating only on other formats.

GetMeowth, Roffle and Corbett have reviewed the entire set during the The State of Wild podcasts. MartianBuu, En_Djinn, and otters have also reviewed the entire set, while Zeddy has listed 12 cards he thinks will be the strongest in the Wild format.

Dreads has reviewed the cards from the Arena players' perspective, while Reap3r has listed the top Neutral cards for Arena.

Duels has also gotten another full review in Ooops, All Duels! podcast with Matt Chalker and AgentCroque.

Did we miss the card review of one of your favorite content creators? Let us know in the comments below!