We are less than 3 weeks from the Amazing Defenders Booster Pack TCG release on January 20th. Despite the title, this set isn't much of a "boost" for existing decks, as they mainly introduce 3 completely new archetypes to the game, alongside some reprints. This time around, the themes look very fun to play and promisingly coherent. To give you an idea of what's about to go down, we'll cover the archetypes' main cards and playstyles!

The Burden of Knowledge

If you stay up-to-date on all matters of Yu-Gi-Oh news, the new cards from Amazing Defenders should be somewhat familiar to you. After all, the OCG has them legal for play since August of last year. This delay between releases is also the reason why we can talk about them in the first place. Since the TCG has yet to reveal all the cards in detail, the following overview will use unofficial OCG translations. It's pretty rare that any mistakes occur for the actual card's text, but the official naming for cards can frequently differ upon the official release.

Rescue-ACE: Firefighting Experts

My personal favorite of the three. The archetype has an assortment of situationally reactive cards and effects, which play into the flavor of firefighters bringing the right tool for the job. However, there are some glaring weak points, such as their reliance on targeting effects and a blindspot for dealing with the opponent's Spells and Traps.

Rescue-ACE Monsters

Rescue-ACE Hydrant Card Image Rescue-ACE Impulse Card Image Rescue-ACE Fire Attacker Card Image

Going from low to high Level, the rescue forces cover a broad range of Monsters. Most notably, the Level 3/4 Warriors double up as handtraps that call for reinforcements, whereas the heavy machinery swarms the field and enables your backrow. Another aspect of the Machines is their on-field "retaliation" effects. If your opponent searches, you can draw. If they remove stuff, you get to destroy something.

Rescue-ACE Spells & Traps

ALERT! Card Image Rescue-ACE Headquarters Card Image CONTAIN! Card Image

Moving on to the Spells & Traps, you'll notice in the art of the 4 main "command" cards that the brave little Hydrant buddy can be seen giving these orders via hologram. It's quite the fitting touch since the ultimate goal is to keep your Hydrant around to generate card advantage, while simultaneously enhancing the effects of these Spells & Traps. It all comes full circle as the Field Spell lets you recycle your backrow, and Rescue-ACE Turbulence puts it right back into play.

Purrely: Kill Them With Kindness

Going against the conventional Summoning method for XYZ Monsters, Purrely combines cutesy aesthetics with gameplay focused on the single titular pet. This lonely Level 1 can turn into a Rank 2 XYZ, provided you have an appropriate "Memory" Quick-Play Spell, all relating to your past bonding activities.

(Note: the unofficial translation titled the archetype "Purery", which is why the naming in the images is outdated)

Purrely Monsters

Epurrely Beauty Card Image Epurrely Happiness Card Image Expurrely Happiness Card Image

Now besides the basic Purrely, and the 3 advanced Epurrely, there are also 2 fully grown Rank 7 Expurrely. The Epurrely are great at attaching more and more Spells as XYZ Material, of which you need at least 5 in order to Summon an Expurrely. Even though that does require most of your resources to be funnelled into a single Monster, the Expurrely make up for that by either providing widespread Monster negation or immunity to the opponent's activated effects.

Purrely Spells & Traps

Purrely Delicious Memory Card Image Purrely, My Friend Card Image Stray Purrely Street Card Image

But wait, there's more! The memories aren't just for show, as they all give your Purrely XYZ additional buffs. This causes some surprising escalation, possibly leading to a 4000+ ATK Expurrely that can attack multiple Monsters, and snatch up the opponent's cards as material to gain more stats. On the other hand, the remaining Spells & Traps boost the consistency alongside a bit of recovery and protection. Sadly, once all 3 copies of your dearest Purrely have hit the GY, the deck struggles.

Mikanko: Armed and Ready to Burn

The trend of Spell-centric decks continues, with the Minkanko's expertise in Equip Spells. But these aren't your average ATK/DEF enhancing Equip Spells. Most of them just support your few Monster by protection, swarming, or straight up messing with your opponent's stuff. There's also a minor Ritual theme, with a potentially devastating payoff.

Mikanko Monsters

Hare the Sword Mikanko Card Image Nini the Mirror Mikanko Card Image Ohime the Manifested Mikanko Card Image

The core strategy of redirecting battle damage isn't a complete novelty, but the concept never managed to gain relevance. Besides that gimmick, the Mikanko can't do much in battle with their 0 ATK, so cycling between the many Equip Spells is a necessity. They can also synergize with generic equipments, which greatly helps extend their arsenal. While the Ritual Monster might seem out of place, it's working double duty as an in-hand searcher, easily making it a must-have.

Mikanko Spells & Traps

Blazing Dance of the Mikanko Card Image Mikanko Kagura Card Image Mikanko Promise Card Image

Putting aside the fact that most of these are indeed Equip Spells, their main function is to behave more or less like Normal or Continous Spells. What redeems these clunkily designed cards is the Ritual Spell. It, much like the rest of the archetype, goes beyond its primary function, by also allowing you to blow up the opponent's cards for every unique equip in your GY, and deal a multiple of 1000 burn damage. Seeing it like that, the reflected battle damage is moreso a supplementary wincondition, rather than your only method of aggression.

Who do you think is a more "Amazing" Defender, high-tech firefighters, or a loving pet owner? Let us know what you think about the upcoming pack in the comments below!