We're almost two weeks into 2023, and we already have some neat additions to the game. The big one is the Heroic Warriors Selection Pack, which adds the Libromancer and Therion archetypes to the game, while also giving some more support to Vendread, Heroic, and Symphonic decks. We also have an update to the Sky Striker/Matchmech Secret Pack, adding 4 cards to it. Finally, there's Recollection of the Story, a pack focused on Solo Gate archetypes with no new cards. Let's get into it!

Recollection of the Story

Giant Beetrooper Invincible Atlas Card Image Erebus the Underworld Monarch Card Image

Let's get this one out of the way. This pack contains cards from Solo Mode archetypes, including Monarch, Beetrooper, Dinomist, Gladiator Beast, and more. There aren't really enough cards from each archetype here to make a deck, and most of these archetypes have Secret Packs, so it's probably better to spend your Gems there. The one notable exception are Beetroopers, but this particular pack only contains 1 of their 3 URs, and 1 out of 2 URs that the pack that introduced them had. Overall, skip this one.

Singular Strike Overthrow Pack

Mathmech Circular Card Image Sky Striker Mobilize - Linkage! Card Image

Now things are getting interesting! This is a Secret Pack that was in the game since its launch, and focuses on the Sky Striker and Mathmech archetypes. We won't list all the cards in the pack, only the 4 new ones that were added:

Sky Striker is a Link Summoning archetype that focuses on getting out Link-1 Monsters and generating card advantage via the Spells. Meanwhile, the Mathmech archetype is comprised of Level 4 Cyberse Monsters aiming to Synchro, Xyz and Link Summon in order to OTK the opponent.

Heroic Warriors

The main selection pack, which introduces two new archetypes to Master Duel and offers support for 3 others. We'll talk about each archetype in the following sections, with a list of cards from the pack ordered by card type and name.


Libromancer Fire Card Image Libromancer Firestarter Card Image

A Ritual archetype that's inspired by various types of books (comic books, storybooks, novels etc.) Their main gimmick is that your Ritual Monsters gain additional effects when your monsters that are already on the field are used for the Ritual Summoning.

Libromancer AgentEffect MonsterRNew
Libromancer FireEffect MonsterURNew
Libromancer Geek BoyEffect MonsterSRNew
Libromancer MagigirlEffect MonsterRNew
Libromancer DoombrokerRitual MonsterURNew
Libromancer FireburstRitual MonsterURNew
Libromancer FirestarterRitual MonsterRNew
Libromancer MystigirlRitual MonsterSRNew
Libromancer First AppearanceField SpellURNew
Libromancer RealizedContinuous SpellRNew
Libromancer BondedRitual SpellRNew
Libromancer DisplacedNormal TrapSRNew
Libromancer InterventionNormal TrapSRNew
Libromancer PreventedContinuous TrapNNew


Therion "Lily" Borea Card Image Therion Irregular Card Image

An archetype of high-level monsters that revolve around equipping themselves to each-other. Each Therion Monster has a primary effect where it can be Special Summoned by equipping another Therion or a card of the same Type from the graveyard, and a secondary effect that also applies to the monsters they're equipped to. The major exception to this rule is the aptly named Therion Irregular, which can be Special Summoned by equipping 3 Therions from the GY to it, or by swapping places to another monster it's equipped to.

Therion "Bull" AinEffect MonsterNNew
Therion "Duke" YulEffect MonsterNNew
Therion "Empress" AlasiaEffect MonsterSRNew
Therion "King" RegulusEffect MonsterURNew
Therion "Lily" BoreaEffect MonsterSRNew
Therion "Reaper" FumEffect MonsterRNew
Therion IrregularEffect MonsterURNew
Therion DiscolosseumField SpellURNew
Endless Engine Argyro SystemNormal SpellURNew
Therion ChargeNormal SpellSRNew
Therion CrossNormal TrapSRNew
Therion Stand Up!Normal TrapNNew


Heroic Challenger - Morning Star Card Image Heroic Champion - Claivesolish Card Image

An archetype of mostly EARTH Warrior Monsters that focus on swarming the field in order to summon their Xyz Monsters. The archetype gets 6 new cards to boost their numbers, 2 Effect Monsters, 2 Xyz Monsters, and 2 Spells.

Heroic Challenger - Ambush SoldierEffect MonsterN 
Heroic Challenger - Assault HalberdEffect MonsterSR 
Heroic Challenger - Clasp SwordEffect MonsterN 
Heroic Challenger - Double LanceEffect MonsterR 
Heroic Challenger - Extra SwordEffect MonsterR 
Heroic Challenger - Knuckle SwordEffect MonsterNNew
Heroic Challenger - Morning StarEffect MonsterSRNew
Heroic Challenger - Night WatchmanEffect MonsterN 
Heroic Challenger - SpartanEffect MonsterN 
Heroic Challenger - SwordshieldEffect MonsterR 
Heroic Champion - ClaivesolishXyz MonsterURNew
Heroic Champion - JarngreiprXyz MonsterNNew
Heroic CallNormal SpellURNew
Heroic ChanceNormal SpellN 
Heroic EnvoyNormal SpellURNew
Heroic AdvanceNormal TrapN 
Heroic Retribution SwordNormal TrapR 

Symphonic Warrior

Symphonic Warrior DJJ Card Image Symphonic Warrior Rockks Card Image

An archetype of Pendulum Monsters inspired by various musical instruments. It gets 4 new cards, including a Synchro Pendulum Monster.

Symphonic Warrior BassesEffect MonsterN 
Symphonic Warrior DJJEffect Pendulum MonsterRNew
Symphonic Warrior DrumssEffect MonsterN 
Symphonic Warrior GuitaarEffect Pendulum MonsterSR 
Symphonic Warrior GuitarissEffect Pendulum MonsterNNew
Symphonic Warrior MiccsEffect Pendulum MonsterR 
Symphonic Warrior PiaanoEffect MonsterN 
Symphonic Warrior SynthessEffect MonsterN 
Symphonic Warrior RockksSynchro Pendulum MonsterSRNew
GeneralprobeContinuous SpellSRNew
Symph AmplifireContinuous SpellR 


Scar of the Vendread Card Image Vendread Scavenger Card Image

Another Ritual archetype, this one themed around a zombie apocalypse. Not much going on with only 3 new cards, but at least the good ones are lower rarity.

Scar of the VendreadEffect MonsterRNew
Vendread CoreEffect MonsterR 
Vendread HoundhordeEffect MonsterN 
Vendread RevenantsEffect MonsterN 
Vendread StrigesEffect MonsterN 
Avendread SaviorLink MonsterUR 
Revendread ExecutorRitual MonsterSR 
Revendread SlayerRitual MonsterR 
Vendread ScavengerRitual MonsterURNew
Vendread ChargeQuick-Play SpellR 
Ravenous VendreadRitual SpellSRNew
Revendread EvolutionRitual SpellN 
Revendread OriginRitual SpellR 
Vendread ReunionNormal TrapN 
Vendread RevolutionNormal TrapN 


Parallel eXceed Card Image Ritual Cage Card Image

Those are cards that do not belong to a specific archetype, but are cards that can be run in a wide variety of decks (most of the ones in the pack help with Ritual of Xyz Summoning). The only exception is Infernoble Knight Oliver, who belongs to the Noble Knight archetype, but can also be used in other Warrior decks.

Infernoble Knight OliverEffect MonsterN 
Manju of the Ten Thousand HandsEffect MonsterR 
Parallel eXceedEffect MonsterN 
Rose PaladinEffect MonsterN 
ScryptonEffect MonsterN 
Sphere KuribohEffect MonsterN 
Cyberse MagicianRitual MonsterN 
Paladin of Storm DragonRitual MonsterN 
Ashura KingXyz MonsterSRNew
Pre-Preparation of RitesNormal SpellSR 
Ritual CageContinuous SpellN 
Execution of the ContractEquip SpellN 
Cynet RitualRitual SpellN 
Tribe DriveNormal TrapN 
Showdown of the Secret Sense Scroll TechniquesCounter TrapN 

Did you spot some interesting cards? Will Libromancer or Therion be your new favorite deck? Let us know down in the comments!