The HSBG Podcast with Educated Collins and Shadybunny had an opportunity to bring on John McIntyre, Lead Designer on Hearthstone Battlegrounds, and caster-turned-Associate Designer, Jia, to talk about upcoming changes to Battlegrounds for Season 3. Here are the results of the conversation.

Returning Cards in Battlegrounds Season 3

  • Icky Imp - Deathrattle: Summon two 1/1 Imps.
  • Budding Greenthumb - Avenge (3): Give adjacent minions +2/+1 permanently.

Revamped Cards in Battlegrounds Season 3

Three cards are receiving changes!

  • Amber Guardian - Now gives two minions +2/+2 and Divine Shield when tripled. (Previously was one minion +4/+4 Divine Shield)
  • Peggy Sturdybone - Renamed Peggy Brittlebone, updated art, and removed the Undead dual-type. (Now is only a Pirate)
  • Titus Rivendare - Renamed Baron Rivendare, updated art, and removed the Undead type.
    • Additionally, text now reads "Your Deathrattles trigger an extra time." which could allow for multiple of these in play.


Updated Heroes in Battleground Season 3

  • Galewing - You can no longer choose the same destination every time. (Doesn't make sense to fly from Westfall to... Westfall)
  • Millificent Manastorm - Hero Power is now a Passive that gives a summoned Mech +2 Attack. (Previously gave +1/+1 to Mechs in the Tavern)
  • Lord Jaraxxus - Hero Power now reads "Choose a friendly Demon. It consumes a minion in Bob's Tavern to gain its stats."
    • Previously, Jaraxxus would give +1/+1 to all your Demons.
  • Pyramad - Nerfed to only give +1 Health instead of +2. The effect of it gaining extra health each turn you don't use it remains.


Removed Cards in Battlegrounds Season 3

There are a ton of cards being removed from the pool in Season 3. They had to make room for all those new Undead cards somehow!

  • Imprisoner
  • Saltscale Honcho
  • Glyph Guardian
  • Yo-Ho-Ogre
  • Stasis  Elemental
  • Khadgar
  • Bonker
  • Majordomo Executus
  • Drakonid Enforcer
  • Baby Krush
  • Razorgore, the Untamed
  • Palescale Crocolisk
  • Tony Two-Tusk
  • Imp Mama

Additionally, there are three more cards that were announced by John that won't be in the pool anymore... for now anyway.

  • Witchwing Nestmatron
  • Mythrax the Unraveler
  • Mechano-Egg

More New Cards?

You bet! There were some additional new cards that appeared during the podcast.


That's a lot to take in! What are your thoughts on the card shakeup?