Dazzler is the newest card coming to Series 5 of MARVEL SNAP on January 24. In honor of this occasion, we've broken down her comics history, looked at the card's best potential synergies, and theorycrafted some decks that feature Dazzler.

Five Synergies for Dazzler

Dazzler Card ImageOngoing: If you have 4 cards at each location, +6 Power.

Dazzler is a 4-Cost card with 4 Power, but she gets +6 Power if all your locations are full - giving her 10 Power if you meet her requirement. In a swarmy deck like Zoo, running Squirrel Girl and other cheap cards, it might not be too difficult to fill all your locations. However, she looks like a very easy card to disrupt, with things like Killmonger to remove those small minions or Professor X and Spider-Man to deny the chance to fill a location. If you're looking to build around her, you're going to need to be cognizant of that.

Dazzler's favorite location is Sinister London.

With all that being said, let's look at five cards that can help Dazzler do her thing.


Thanos Card ImageAt the start of the game, shuffle the six Infinity Stones into your deck.

One way to make sure you fill every location is by adding extra cards to your deck; cheap cards that draw other cards, and that describes the Infinity Gems Stones of Thanos perfectly. While you'll still have to worry about Killmonger ruining your day, you can protect your Stones with Armor or by bouncing them back to hand with Falcon and Beast.


Debrii Card ImageOn Reveal: Add a Rock to each other location, for both players.

Debrii is a mid-game source of cards summoned across all three locations, with the added bonus of junking up your opponent's locations and hopefully making it more difficult for them to disrupt you while you attempt to put a body in every open spot.


Brood Card ImageOn Reveal: Add 2 Broodlings to this location with the same Power.

Brood can fill almost an entire location by itself and, unlike something that summons 1-Cost cards, can't be destroyed by Killmonger. It's a great way to set and forget a location, easily enabling a later Dazzler.

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom Card ImageOn Reveal: Add a 5-Power Doombot to each other location.

Like Debrii, Doctor Doom summons a body to each location. However, those bodies are a lot more impactful and less prone to being destroyed. If you can get Doctor Doom on board early, you can repeat his On Reveal with Odin.


Ultron Card ImageOn Reveal: Create four 1-Power Drones at each other location.

Ultron is, in our opinion, the easiest fit for Dazzler because there are only a handful of circumstances that prevent this 6-Drop from filling at least two of the three locations with his Drones. If you're looking to go all-in on Dazzler's ability, you might want to start with Ultron and go from there.

Theorycrafting Dazzler

To go with our synergy picks, we've theorycrafted three decks that could do powerful things with Dazzler. As always, this comes with a caveat: as a Series 5 card, Dazzler is going to be a very, very rare drop from Collector's Reserves and, unless you're ready to drop 6000 Collector's Tokens on an unproven card, she's unlikely to become a part of your (or our) collection any time soon. That being said, let's look at these decks.

Patriot Ultron

This Dazzler deck immediately goes in on the power of Dazzler combined with Ultron, making use of the best synergy for Ultron's Drones: Patriot. While Dazzler lacks the inherent Patriot synergy of The Thing, she's a suitable 4-Drop with a high ceiling for a deck that can consistently fill every location.

Dazzler Patriot Theorycraft (Pool 5)
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Zabu Surfer

Sera and Silver Surfer are known to be a powerful pairing, and this deck attempts to take that to the next level with Dazzler providing an extra punch. Zabu is already seeing some experimentation in Surfer shells because of Wong, so it makes sense to include the big cat when we have another 4-Drop that we want to get on the board. Along with Brood and Debrii, this deck runs the combo of Black Cat and Ghost Rider to help fill every location.

Dazzler Surfer Theorycraft (Pool 5)
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This deck builds around fellow Series 5 alumnus Thanos, who brings a bunch of Infinity Stones to fill every location and give Dazzler the boost she needs. Quinjet will be integral in getting all those Stones onto the board, while the deck also uses Beast and Falcon to bounce them back to hand and abuse the powerful card draw of the Stones.

Dazzler Thanos Theorycraft (Pool 5)
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Who is Dazzler?

Alison Blaire was just a mild-mannered junior high school student with dreams of stardom when she performed at her school's talent show; during the performance, her mutant ability to convert sound into light manifested itself in beams of explosive colors. Luckily, everyone thought the light show was a special effect, and she didn't bother to correct them.

Adopting the stage name Dazzler, Blaire went on the road and tried to break into the music industry, incorporating her personal special effects into each performance. She first encountered the X-Men during a gig at the Hellfire Club, and helped rescue Kitty Pride from a nefarious organization. Turning down the invitation of Professor X, Dazzler went back to her life on the stage.

Over the years, Dazzler juggled her career with her mutant powers, frequently teaming up with heroes like Spider-Man and Iron Man to thwart the plans of villains who either happened to be in the neighborhood or who had connections to the music industry - once making an enemy of Enchantress when she beat her out in an audition. At one point, Dazzler briefly served as a Herald of Galactus.

Dazzler has continued to balance her career and super-powered escapades, always keeping one foot in either world thanks to her talents in both. While she loves singing, there will always be a part of her that longs for the excitement of the superhero lifestyle.

Card Flavor Grade: A. As an accomplished entertainer, Dazzler's Power comes from a huge audience filling the seats to watch her perform.

How do you feel about Dazzler? Share your thoughts on the new card in the comments!