Announcement of announcement time! Aleco has confirmed that we are going to be getting a "pretty big" patch that focuses on Roguestone's* Standard balance.

The stale meta was due to Blizzard's holiday break which, unfortunately, pushed the patch schedule around so they weren't able to react to problematic cards. Aleco has stated that they are going to talk about the next holiday season and see if anything can be done to change their scheduling to be more reactive to the meta.

Quote From Aleco

I know a lot of you have been asking about Standard balance changes. We're putting together a pretty big patch for ~1 week from now. In all honesty, I wish we could have shipped this patch a little sooner. The holiday break pushed our patch schedule, but the meta doesn't take a holiday, so I empathize with players who feel like this patch is coming late. Though I can't promise anything right now, we're chatting as a team about if we can adjust our patch cadence next holiday break. Hope you all enjoy the upcoming patch!

* No direct promises about which cards are going to be balanced have been confirmed.