Astalor Bloodsworn is a favourite inclusion in decks since the launch of March of the Lich King which brought this nuisance into existence, and players of all types have been asking Blizzard for nerfs. With a group of balance changes coming in around a week, now's the best time to try and take advantage of some of the more powerful cards we have in Standard play before they get hit by the nerf bat.

Although Blizzard hasn't confirmed any nerfs yet, player sentiment surrounding this card and the very high playrate (48.4% of all decks in Standard via and winrate (55.4%) makes it an ideal candidate for Blizzard to give it a smack. Below you'll find our ode to Astalor, five decks that are doing very well on the ladder right now. If he ends up not getting nerfed, the cost of this card may still very well be worth it.

Astalor Thief Rogue

Astalor Beast Hunter

Astalor Enrage Warrior

Astalor Big Spell Mage

Astalor Frost Death Knight

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