Need a good MARVEL SNAP deck to help you climb to Infinite, or just looking for something fresh and unique to take out for a spin? We've gathered 9 decks from around the SNAP community that can help you win games while also having fun.

If you're in the market for some strategic advice, we've included our *personal* recommendations for when it's OK to Snap early with each deck - your mileage may vary.

Safety Blade's Series 2 Dino

Players who are lower on the Collection Ladder haven't been forgotten by SafetyBlade, who continues to tinker with budget lists that feature only Series 1 and Series 2 cards. This Devil Dinosaur deck is the current recommendation for players in Series 2, with multiple ways to stretch your resources and feed the Dino, while not neglecting the chance to keep your opponent in check with Cosmo and Shang-Chi.

Snap Early If: You have Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur in time for turn 4.

SafetyBlade's Dino (Pool 2)
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LambySeries's Sera Surfer

Sera and Silver Surfer continue to be a powerful duo, and LambySeries is showing off their strength with this take on the strategy that adds the option of going for a control play with Aero on one of the final turns. This list also goes less heavy on 3-Drops, with two solid turn 2 plays in Lizard and Scorpion.

Snap Early If: We've said it before and we'll say it again - if you have Surfer and Sera, it's a good idea to Snap.

LambySeries's Sera Surfer (Pool 3)
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Orca's Arnimosaur

This deck from orca utilizes an under-appreciated combo: that of Arnim Zola and large bodies. Most player are familiar with Zola and Black Panther, but if you want to summon twice, Devil Dinosaur is also great and should suffice.

Snap Early If: You have Zola and one of either Black Panther or Devil Dino, but don't Snap if Dream Dimension is on the board.

Orca's Arnimosaur (Pool 3)
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MilkySnap's Destroyer Wave

Why play just a Destroyer deck, or settle for simply DeathWave when you can combine the two into an unholy amalgamation of destruction? That's just what MilkySnap has done, using the Ramp of Electro to play Destroyer on turn 5, then follow with a final turn of Taskmaster and Death.

Snap Early If: You have Electro and Destroyer, or if you have the Wave/Death/Taskmaster triumvirate.

MilkySnap's Destroyer Wave (Pool 3)
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Bynx's Movement Surfer

If you want to climb with Silver Surfer, but have a desire to show off your inner hipster, then Bynx may have the deck for you. Movement is the name of the game: turns out, Vulture and Doctor Strange receive just as much of a buff from the Surfer as other 3-Drops. Iron Fist, Cloak, and Kraven have joined the Movement to make Miles Morales cost 1 - and Polaris works in a pinch, as well.

Snap Early If: You have Sera and Surfer (we told you we'd say it again).

Bynx's Movement Surfer (Pool 3)
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TronxiSnap's Zabucula

The newest Season Pass card, Zabu, has inspired a slurry of 4-Drop centric decks like this Zero deck from TronxiSnap. The list runs plenty of high-leverage 4-Drops for Zabu to discount, as well as big bodies to be Silenced by Zero or discarded by Dracula.

Snap Early If: You have Zabu on turn 3, or if you can get two 10+ Power bodies onto the board before turn 6.

TronxiSnap's Zabucula (Pool 3)
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TheDycer's Reveal Chain

This Zabu deck from TheDycer is all about flexibility: using Series 4 card Absorbing Man to copy a menagerie of On Reveal effects or playing Crystal to mulligan for a better hand. If you're interested in this deck, make sure you click on it to read the in-depth guide that walks through its various synergies and card choices.

Snap Early If: You have Zabu on 3, or if you can chain Wave into Doctor Doom and Absorbing Man.

Reveal Chain
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Educated Collin's High Infinite Darkhawk

One of the currently top-performing cards in SNAP is Darkhawk, who gets very large thanks to Rockslide, can be discounted by Zabu, and can be copied by Moon Girl and Mystique. Educated Collins has been running this list at high Infinite ranks to abuse the Series 5 all-star.

Snap Early If: You're confident you can get multiple Darkhawks into play by turn 6 (which can be accomplished in a number of ways) and you have a couple of cards that increase the size of your opponent's deck.

Educated Collins's ZabuHawk (Pool 5)
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Ben's Thanos Zoo

Our final deck is a real high-roller from Ben that's built around Series 5 poster boy Thanos, but also has high Series stalwarts She-Hulk and M'Baku. The deck wants to chain multiple Infinity Stones with Lockjaw swapping them out for large bodies like The Infinaut. If you're worried you don't have enough time to collect every Stone, use Magik to buy yourself an extra turn.

Snap Early If: You have Quinjet and Lockjaw, plus a couple of Stones.

Ben's Thanos Zoo (Pool 5)
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