We've got a balance patch coming in hot! Blizzard has detailed all the changes ahead of the patch release today and we've summarized all the details down below.

Patch 25.2.2

Card Nerfs

These cards should be eligible for full dust refunds for 2 weeks after the patch hits.

  • Wildpaw Gnoll no longer receives the reduction for dual-class cards.
  • Sinstone Graveyard no longer summons a Ghost with Stealth, now it's just a Ghost.
  • Final Showdown now requires you to draw 6 cards in one turn (Up from 4).
  • Sinful Brand now costs 2 Mana (Up from 1).
  • Shockspitter now costs 4 Mana (Up from 3).
    • The stats have also increased to a 3/3 (Up from 2/2).
  • Glacial Advance now reduces the next spell cast by 1 (Down from 2).
  • Astalor Bloodsworn
    • Phase 1 is now Manathirst 5 (Up from 4).
    • Phase 2 is now Manathird 8 (Up from 7).
    • Phase 3 now only deals 7 or 14 Damage (Down from 8 or 16).

Card Buffs

Blizzard's Balance Insight

Quote From Blizzard

Wildpaw Gnoll

​Dev Comment: Dual-class cards that are Rogue and another class will not reduce the cost of Gnoll.  

Sinstone Graveyard

Dev Comment: We recognize that Rogue has been a little too good (for a little too long) at higher ranks. The change to the Gnoll/Maestra interaction is a major change to the class intended to substantially shakeup how it looks and plays, while the Sinstone Graveyard change gives opponents more of a chance to respond to the big Rogue pop-off turns.

Demon Hunters

Dev Comment: Demon Hunter is the other best performing class at high levels of play, so these changes are intended to adjust its power. Sinful Brand was chosen as a card to target because it punishes opponents for simply playing the game, a play pattern that we don't like being too powerful or prevalent.


Dev Comment: Hunter is the top class at most parts of the ladder. When we changed Shockspitter to 3 mana in Patch 25.0.3, we expected that it would remain powerful after that change and debated whether we should just change it to 4 at that time. We decided that we didn't want to hit Hunter too hard all at once. Now that we've seen how the card performs at 3 mana, we think it can use another nudge—especially with the other top performers being adjusted down around it.

Glacial Advance

Dev Comment: Frost Death Knight is performing well right now, so we wanted to slightly shave some of its power to make sure it stays in line with the rest of the meta after the other changes this patch. This adjustment takes away a little bit of the deck's explosive burst-from-hand capabilities.

Astalor Bloodsworn

Dev Comment: Players seem to really enjoy the power and flexibility of Astalor. At the same time, that power and flexibility has made Astalor a near auto-include in almost every deck in the meta. These changes are designed to bring Astalor's power more in line with what we want from a Neutral, general-purpose utility card like this. We still hope and expect that Astalor remains a powerful option for many decks so that players can continue to enjoy this card.

Death Knights

Dev Comment: Blood and Unholy Death Knight are both still underperforming in Standard. Death Knight is difficult to balance because individual cards within the class tend to be very strong, but we found a couple spots where we felt we could add a little bit of power to individual cards to make them more appealing.


Dev Comment: Most Undead aggro decks have been underperforming compared to what we were expecting. Our changes here are to encourage exploration of those archetypes. We discussed potential changes to Undead Neutral cards, but opted to target the class cards this patch instead.


Dev Comment: Warrior seems to be the class that needs the most help in the current meta, so we're giving them the most buffs here. With Last Stand, we wanted it to feel more impactful and flexible, and we have a great new mechanic in Manathirst that gives us that kind of flexibility. This isn't the type of change that we normally do, but this was a good opportunity for us to make this card a little fresher and more interesting. We're also making a few changes to some older, exciting cards, to provide the class that boost it needs. 

Additional Bug Fixes & Improvements

Quote From Blizzard

  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug resulting in unintended changes to Magister's Apprentice.
  • [Hearthstone] Text fixes to Magister Dawngrasp and Wildheart Guff.
  • [Duels] Fixed a bug where Hematology could be used while you have 0 Corpses, resulting in the mana being spent and no effect happening.