MARVEL SNAP's Hot Location this weekend is Asgard!

Asgard is a fight for celestial supremacy, with the winner getting to dig two cards deeper into their deck after turn 4. Now, there are plenty of 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-Drops that can help you win the location; just look for cards that have more Power than the average card at that energy level. For instance, above-rate cards like Lizard and Maximus, or a card that summons something bigger, like Jubilee.

However you choose to plan for the Hot Location, you'd better get used to it; being a Hot Location means that Asgard will have a 60% chance to appear for 24 hours, from 7 PM PT Saturday night to 7 PM PT Sunday night (2 AM UTC Sunday to 2 AM UTC Monday).

Lizard Card ImageOngoing: -3 Power if your opponent has 4 cards here. Jubilee Card ImageOn Reveal: Play a card from your deck at this location.

Hot Decks for Asgard

If you're looking for ideas of what decks you can play to the Hot Location, we've got you covered: with recommended decks for players just starting out in Series 1, players still moving up through Series 2, and players who are starting to fill their collections with cards from Series 3, 4, and 5.

Series 1 Onslaught Zoo

This budget deck is plenty capable of getting a lot of stats into Asgard, running plenty of 1-Drops, premium 2-Drops in Lizard and Angela, and AoE buffs from Captain America and Ka-Zar. It's even got Rocket Raccoon to profit from an opponent's desire to play to the hot location.

Ongoing Zoo (Pool 1)
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Series 2 Ongoing Spectrum

This Series 2 deck runs a hodge-podge of quality Ongoing cards, with particular focus on The Punisher and Warpath, who should be very good at helping it win Asgard, then pivoting to a turn 6 Spectrum to end the game.

Spectrum Ongoing (Pool 2)
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Series 3 Sera Surfer

Silver Surfer decks are both positioned well to win the hot location and to profit immensely from the extra cards it draws, since every card they see gives them a better chance of finding Sera. This Surfer deck takes the expected approach, with a few twists to help conquer Asgard, namely: Juggernaut, Lizard, and Groot.

Celestial Surfer (Pool 3)
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Series 3 Jubilee Jaw

Both Lockjaw and Jubilee can be all-stars with an Asgard hot location by cheating large bodies into play and virtually guaranteeing you'll get the card draw on turn 4. The deck also runs Scorpion to siphon the opponent's Power and make it that much harder for them to contest its inevitable rise.

Tian Ding's Jubilee Cheats (Pool 3)
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Series 3 Spider-Movement

If you're looking for something further off the beaten path, try out this Movement deck. It's flexible enough to find multiple ways to win Asgard by turn 4, whether that's with Doctor Strange pulling Vulture over, or by using cheap movement effects to get a 1-Cost Miles Morales down just in time to reap the rewards.

What are Hot Locations in MARVEL SNAP?

There are two different types of location events in MARVEL SNAP.

  • Sunday's Hot Location that have a 60% chance to appear for the next 24 hours.
  • Wednesday's Featured Location that have a 40% chance to appear for the next 48 hours.

Unlike the Featured Location (which is always a new Location), Sunday's Hot Location will pull from the pool of existing Locations. Its increased appearance rate will shake up the meta for a day - for example, Odin was the finisher of choice for many players when Kamar-Taj was the Hot Location.

Have your own strategy for capitalizing on the Asgard Hot Location? Make your deck using our MARVEL SNAP deckbuilder, then share it in the comments!