Warning: This card back may induce hunger, envy, and insatiable cravings for adorable food.

Hearthstone's 107th ranked gameplay season has begun and with that arrives a new card back.

The card back showcases a Bento Box filled with rice and adorned with cute little hot dogs cut up as octopi, some tiny tomatoes, and some leafy greens. Don't forget about the iconic Hearthstone swirl which takes its form as a piece of seaweed on top of dare I say an Ajitama, or Ramen Egg. Okay, now I'm even more hungry.

How to Obtain February's Lunchbox Card Back

As is par for the course, to obtain this card back you're going to need to net yourself 5 wins in ranked games. This should be especially fun with last week's balance patch bringing in 25 card changes that have given the meta a bit of a shake up.

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