We've got fresh wild decks utilizing the new E.T.C., Band Manager card that made its stage debut following the reveal of Hearthstone's next expansion, Festival of Legends. Come get in touch with your wild side and play something different!

Even Shaman

What cards can Even Shaman now play? How about Grand Totem Eys'or! In addition, E.T.C. has Framester as anti-reno tech and Loatheb to protect your board.

Even Death Knight

If you've always wanted to play The Scourge in Even Death Knight, now you can! In addition, you can play Blightfang as a great anti-aggro tool and Loatheb to curve into your Grave Strength turns. All in E.T.C., of course.

Even Mage

Do you remember when Wildfire was buffed to 1 mana and Even Mage couldn't play it anymore? Now it can with E.T.C. In addition, Loatheb is great for the giant turns and Jandice Barov is a nice mid-game curve. (Here's a guide for a previous, very similar version of Even Mage.

What are your favorite Wild decks? Which off-meta decks have you been playing lately? Share them via our deckbuilder and let us know in the comments below!