We’re halfway through our Region exploration of Legends of Runeterra, which gets us even closer to the closed beta starting in early Q1. You can visit the LoR official website to register for your chance to get access.

Today we’ll take a look at the Piltover & Zaun region of Runeterra. These two areas occupy the same space on the map with Piltover welcoming the sky with high towers and monuments and Zaun being deep in the bowels of the city where dark intent is the primary form of communication. While Piltover boasts technology, art, and trade, Zaun doesn’t mind tossing morals aside when comes to creating new items for the black market…at any cost.

Who's a good poisonous mushroom? You are! Yes, you are!!

Whether you’re tossing poisonous mushrooms or turrets around, you’re sure to have fun with the Champions of this Region.

Ezreal Card Image Heimerdinger Card Image Jinx Card Image Teemo Card Image

Regardless of the tools of destruction used, the upgraded versions of these characters have some devastating tech!

Ezreal Card Image Heimerdinger Card Image Jinx Card Image Teemo Card Image

The mechanics for Piltover & Zaun are designed to give you the upper hand through sheer technological might. Be on the lookout for Elusive and Quick Attack abilities. Since Ionia is primarily the only other Region to use Elusive you have pretty good odds that your opponent won’t be able to block your units. Quick Attack can certainly give you an advantage over smaller or mid-sized units and will put your opponent on their heels. Another interesting thing to keep a watch for are all the deck manipulation tactics with so many draw and discard effects found in this Region.

Amateur Aeronaut Card Image Academy Prodigy Card Image

Let’s watch CHARM3R get crazy with Heimerdinger!

Do you like playing around with Discard mechanics? Then give this deck a try.

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When looking at Regions that will compliment Piltover & Zaun you might want to consider Ionia to try and flood the board with tons of Elusive units or craft something just for Teemo so you can smother your opponent in an avalanche of mushrooms. You could also look at Demacia if you’re more interested in flinging large spells all over the place.

Some guy named Thanos gave me this really cool gauntlet!

No matter which direction you choose to go, be sure to share your deck using the Runeterra Deckbuilder on our site. Which cards or decks are you looking forward to playing? Let me know in the comments section below!