We will continue to explore the available Regions in Legends of Runeterra before the game reaches closed beta access in early Q1. Be sure to visit the LoR official website to register for your chance to get access.

This week we’ll give the region of Ionia a visit. On the archipelago of Ionia there has always been a balance to the magical and material aspects of the region. Whether by warrior monks or the might of the military, the inhabitants felt safe and protected. That was until the Noxus region viciously attacked them twelve years ago. Ionia eventually defeated the endless horde after years of tremendous sacrifice. However, the region has several splintered factions, and no one knows who to trust anymore. It may be many more years before Ionia can mend the wounds of a war-ravaged land and a people desperate to rebuild from the ashes.

Yes, I'm praying to a glowing sword. And there's 100% nothing weird about that.

All the Champions look like “strong and silent” types who won’t speak until they’ve avenged [insert whatever close companion was wrongfully murdered from their childhood here].

Karma Card Image Shen Card Image Yasuo Card Image Zed Card Image

Even after they upgrade, they still look ready to kill a few more people for good measure.

Karma Card Image Shen Card Image Yasuo Card Image Zed Card Image

Walking the line between magic and might, the primary mechanic you’ll find in Ionia is Elusive, which will make blocking difficult for your opponent. You’ll also find some units with Recall and Quick Attack, which can create a difficult task for your foe. Often you can Recall a unit after an attack or deal damage first with the Quick Attack ability, which makes defense challenging.

Yusari the Slayer Card Image Will of Ionia Card Image Nimble Poro Card Image

CHARM3R shows us how to get the most out of our spells with a Control Karma/Ezreal deck.

Give this deck a try to enjoy Ephemeral minions with Shadow Isles.

If you’re looking for Regions that will compliment Ionia you can get together with Noxus, to play around with Stun and Recall mechanics (although this notion seems just wrong given their history). You might choose to investigate Demacia where you can utilize your expertise with Barrier spells, pairing Shen and Fiora together. You could even try another big spell variant by ramping up with Freljord and Karma as the finisher.

Sometimes I just like to go dance alone in the woods. Don't judge me!

You’ve got lots of options with Ionia, so be sure share your deck ideas using the Runeterra Deckbuilder on our site. It won’t be long before LoR returns and we can dive back into this fantastic game. Which decks are you most excited to play? Let me know in the comments section!