Once this article is published there will only be one region left for us to discuss in Legends of Runeterra. Hopefully, it won’t be long afterwards that the game will return for closed beta access. Visit the LoR official website to register for your chance to join.

Of the two remaining regions we’re going to talk about Noxus today. If you’re anywhere close to its borders, you should expect to be absorbed into their territory soon. Every year, since they stormed the citadel in the center of the capital, they have continued to press forward with their expansionist mindset and conquer new lands. Any refusal to assimilate is met with extreme prejudice, but those willing to fly the banner will reap significant rewards.

This is fine.

Strength is a respected and sought-after quality by those who would call Noxus their home.

Darius Card Image Draven Card Image Katarina Card Image Vladimir Card Image

Their level-ups make me think that Noxus should probably have a decent supply of fire extinguishers at the ready.

Darius Card Image Draven Card Image Katarina Card Image Vladimir Card Image

The mechanics for Noxus focus on high power and tactics to push additional damage through blocking units. You can expect to see lots of Overwhelm and Stun abilities on units and spells. The sheer power of these Champions and Followers cannot be denied and damage will spill over weaker units. The ability to Stun and remove a character from combat makes defensive strategy for your opponent even more challenging.

Crowd Favorite Card Image Guile Card Image

Check out this video to see CHARM3R and his Draven/Jinx Discard deck in action.

You might also want to give a Katarina/Yasuo Bounce deck a shot.

When pairing up with another Region, you certainly don’t have a shortage of dependable choices. If you want to explore something that focuses on Stun/Recall abilities, you may want to partner with Ionia to take full advantage of that path. If Discard is more your thing, you’ll want to get together with Piltover & Zaun, as CHARM3R demonstrated earlier. You can also show your love of spiders and overwhelm your opponent in combination with the Shadow Isles.

I honestly have no idea how to stop this!

Make sure to use the Runeterra Deckbuilder on our site so you can share the decks you create with it. Tell me about your favorite Noxus cards about in the comments section below!