With Riot's Season 2020 Teaser for League of Legends, we've been teased that Legends of Runeterra team has some news for us this week!

  • Team Fight Tactics is also getting some news.
  • Riot is revealing details on their new tabletop game.
  • The video displays a board of Runeterra, with two factions clearly shown. Are these cosmetic sides that will be purchasable or new defaults?
  • There is definitely a new pet cosmetic shown!
  • Skip to 0:50 in the video below for source of quote.

What are you hoping we find out about the game? When do you think the game is going to return for good?

Quote From Joseph Tung (New001)

All this week we'll be updating you on our plans for League in 2020.

The Legends of Runeterra Team will be dropping by to share an update on the Beta.