It's official! Legends of Runeterra moves into OPEN beta on Friday, January 24, starting at 11:00am PT (2:00pm ET)! Since it is open beta, anyone who wants to play will be able to get access. Read all the details below.

See your opponent's Champions at the start of a match.

The new Social panel with chat and challenge features.

Important Dates

  • 1/19 - Accounts registered by this date will get access to beta a day early.
  • 1/22 - Full patch notes.
  • 1/23 - Early access to beta.
  • 1/24 - Open beta begins.
  • Later 2020 - Official launch of LoR and mobile client.

Rank all the way to Master.

Runeterra Beta Details

  • This isn't the "launch" (that will happen later this year on PC and mobile).
  • If you played in the preview patches your account has been reset. There will be no more resets going forward.
  • If you already played in the preview patches or pre-register an account on the official site on PC prior to Monday, January 20, you will get access to the game a day early on Thursday, January 23 at 11:00am PT (2:00pm ET).
  • The open beta patch will include new features and content, such as, ranked mode, a friends list, challenge-a-friend functionality, and new boards and guardians.
  • Updates to 20+ cards. Full patch notes available at 11:00am PT (2:00pm ET) on Wednesday, January 22.
  • The beta ranked season will last through the entirety of open beta until launch. You can climb all the way to Master rank.
  • Once you hit a tier in ranked you will hold it for the rest of the season.
  • Anyone who plays during open beta will receive an exclusive Moonstruck Poro Guardian once the game launches later in the year.
  • Multiple sets will release this year and each will add a new Region.
  • When a new set is released each existing Region will get new Champions added.
  • 3 new Guardians and each Region has a new board with unique music.
  • Legends of Runeterra will launch on mobile later this year with full cross-platform play (trying to complete during first half of 2020).

New Guardians: T-Hex, Snapper, and Gromp Jr.

New Boards

How to Get Legends of Runeterra Beta Access

You can get access to the Legends of Runeterra Beta a day early by signing up on the website. You must signup before January 20. This gives you access on January 23. The Runeterra beta is open to everyone without signup starting on January 24.

Sign up before January 20 to get access a day early!