In case you missed it, there has been a LOT of Runeterra information flying around recently, mostly due to the announcement of the start of open beta on January 24th! I'll catch you up on everything you might have missed throughout the week.

Moonstruck Poro will be your buddy if you play in the open beta.

Open Beta Announcement

  • Sunday, January 19, before midnight is the last chance to register to get access a day early (on Thursday, January 23).
  • Open beta for everyone starts Friday, January 24.
  • Ranked play begins with beta.
  • Open beta participants get Moonstruck Poro Guardian later in the year.
  • No more resets.

Changes to Cards

  • Players spotted changes to Anivia during the beta announcement video.
  • Patch notes will be available next Wednesday on January 22 and we'll discover all the changes.
  • Anivia costs 7 mana now and has the "Can't Block" restriction removed. (Thanks to Freforos for the correction)
  • Anivia transforms when you become Enlightened (Activates only when you reach 10 max mana). It's the same condition required for Karma to level up. (Thanks to GerritDeMan for the correction)
  • I'm not sure how the card stats changed since they were already buffed/debuffed in the video.

New Regions

  • Multiple sets will release this year and each will add a new region.
  • When a new set drops they will also add new Champions to existing regions.
  • A good place to get familiar with Runeterra regions is the Universe page from League of Legends.
  • I completed an entire series on the existing regions so you can read the highlights below.

Reddit Questions

  • Q: Will Legends of Runeterra be available on Mac OS? A: No. [source]
  • Q: Will we get stats for ranked play? A: Not right now. [source]
  • Q: Can NA accounts play with EU accounts? A: No. The chat and challenge systems are separate. [source]
  • Q: Did attacking on your opponent's turn change? A: No. [source]
  • Q: Did the Vault/Store reset get changed from Fridays? A: Yes. It's been changed to Tuesdays now. [source]
  • Multiple questions from a new LoR player. [source]