This has been a BIG week for Legends of Runeterra due to the open beta launch today! If you didn't have a chance to catch up on everything, don't worry, we've got you covered! If you would like to join the hottest digital card game right now, visit the Official Website and register today. Since you don't have to worry about waiting for an invite, you can start playing immediately.

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Patch Notes

The open beta patch notes dropped on Wednesday and included some minor changes to the UI, along with updates to 20+ cards.

  • No more resets and slight changes to Shards value to keep in line with 10:1 ratio with Coins.
  • First ranked season starts with beta.
  • Friendslist added. Chat and Challenge features are available.
  • 6 new game boards and 3 new guardians have been added.
  • Deny is still being looked at and Elusive is being monitored as well.
  • Initiative (swapping sword and shield) icons removed and Attack token received a better visual update.
  • Champions pop up on screen for both players before mulligan.
  • If a Champion's level up requirement progresses while in deck a notice pops up.
  • Keyboard shortcuts! Spacebar [the button], A [Attack All > Retreat All], and ESC [open settings menu].

See the full patch notes to get all the details on the card changes.


Thank you, from Riot for all the interest and support in LoR.

LoR Economy

The Economy article had inaccurate and/or missing information when it initially published. It's been updated since then. It contains shard values and XP information for wins/losses against players or the AI.

Quote From Riot
Finally, we're shifting the spread of XP across your games to help you make progress without the grind. The most noticeable change is bonus XP for your first few wins of the day. By frontloading the biggest chunk of your daily XP, we hope you'll play as many games as you want, not as many games as you have to. We've also buffed the XP you get from losses, because even LoR masters can't win all the time.

You can still complete quests and earn XP while battling against the AI!

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