Peter Whalen is no longer on the Hearthstone Team.

Yesterday we reported on the departure of Mike Donais and it looks like he's been joined by Peter Whalen. The two are still working together at Blizzard and on the same project. These are the latest in a series of high-profile departures from the Hearthstone team and Blizzard themselves, though these two have decided to remain with the company. We're really wondering what they're working on and if it could have any relation to their previous involvement in roguelikes and Hearthstone's Battlegrounds.

Peter joined the Hearthstone team in July 2015. Prior to joining Blizzard, he created a roguelike deckbuilding game called Dream Quest. Most recently he held the role of Senior Game Designer on the Hearthstone team. You can find him over on Twitter @LegendaryFerret.

Quote From Peter Whalen

I'm doing great. Still at Blizzard, but not on Hearthstone anymore. Making something cool with Mike but we're a long way off from talking about it in more detail.