If you're a fan of Hearthstone's Battlegrounds game mode that released in December of last year, you definitely have your own favourite picks in the hero pool. Could your favourite hero be setting you back from victory?

Unfortunately, sometimes we end up with hero choices that are less than ideal, so going into battle with the power of statistics can help make a poor choice better. The data below comes to us from our friends at HSReplay.net and is based on the top 20% of players (6400+ MMR) from January 29 - February 4.

The Best of the Worst Battlegrounds Heroes - Sylvanas Windrunner

With her Banshee's Blessing hero power that can pad the early game by adding consistent stats to your units, you don't get anything back for deleting the played minion which makes her trail off hard in the mid to late game. With an average placement of 4.96, the best on the list, her pick rate of 6.2% almost makes the most sense on this entire list.

Sylvanas Windrunner Card Image Banshee's Blessing Card Image

You Face Jaraxxus, Eredar Lord of the Get Ready to Lose Your Whole Base

Jaraxxus has been with us since the start of Hearthstone's Battlegrounds and was initially a popular pick thanks to the wonderful demon synergy. Unfortunately for the meme god, people have realized he isn't worth the pick with the lowest pick rate on the list at 4.9% and an average placement just slightly below Sylvanas at 5.06. The very few that pick Jaraxxus are making a smarter choice than the remaining heroes on the list.

Lord Jaraxxus Card Image Bloodfury Card Image

Good News Everyone! Don't Pick Professor Putricide

Well, don't pick our professor friend if you want to actually succeed to plaguing Azeroth and your Battlegrounds buddies. Although he may have once been a successful member of the Plagueworks, we gave Putricide a swift end within the Lich King's Icecrown Citadel - a favor he will return to you in Battlegrounds. He is on-par with Jaraxxus at an average placement of 5.07 but has an insane pick rate of 7.1%.

Professor Putricide Card Image Rage Potion Card Image

George Really Needs Karl's Support

George the Fallen is the most picked hero on this list at a whopping 9.6%! That is almost twice that of Jaraxxus with much less to show for it coming in at an average placement of 5.22. Being able to protect a minion with Divine Shield is without a doubt plenty of fun to play around with though so we can't hate on our Paladin brethren too much.

George the Fallen Card Image Boon of Light Card Image

The True Impudent Imbecile - The "Mighty" Millhouse Manastorm

Millhouse Manastorm is one of the newest heroes to be added to Battlegrounds, could it be that people just don't understand how to make use of him? With a high pickrate of 9%, people are definitely willing to play around with the trouble-seeking Gnome though aspiring magisters should expect lower placements with an average end of 5.51.

Millhouse Manastorm Card Image Manastorm Card Image

At the end of the day though, statistics don't always matter and as long as you're having fun in Battlegrounds, that's all you need to worry about! Have you had any incredible plays with these heroes? Tell us your Battlegrounds stories in the comments below.