In a tweet this evening from Conor Kou, the visionary behind Hearthstone's Battlegrounds, we may have gotten a clue that the next Battlegrounds content update is close!

Now, in this tweet, Conor also included an image of a Dragon, but not just any Dragon, its Deathwing, Mad Aspect! Blizzard has stated in the past Dragons would be added to the game mode before the Year of the Dragon was over, so it only makes sense that it really is "just around the corner" with  us only having another full month prior to rotation.

This was not the exact image tweeted by Conor, this is actually our article image.

What Dragons would you like to see in Battlegrounds? We'll be sure to keep you posted on any new details regarding Hearthstone's Battlegrounds, and anything else Blizzard could be announcing soon. If previous years are a good indicator of when the next Hearthstone year details are going to be announced, it should be either this week or within the first couple of weeks of March.

Quote From Conor Kou

So, any update on that content patch that was "right around the corner" two weeks ago?

It's reeeeeeeallly just around the corner ;)