Update: This is a Tavern Tier 4 Minion as seen in a video on the Korean Hearthstone YouTube account. Thanks to ddengkun for bringing this to our attention

In our datamining efforts of today's patch, we've uncovered a currently unreleased minion for Hearthstone's Battlegrounds.

Master Demonologist is a new Demon minion that is in the Battlegrounds category that interacts with Demons. Its effect is that it will increase in power (+1/+1 baseline, +2/+2 at golden) for every demon you summon.

Soul Devourer Card Image Soul Devourer Card Image
The mana cost is not related to the Tavern Tier.
All Battlegrounds minions have costs internally so don't read into that too much.

Unfortunately for us, we're not sure what Tavern Tier the minion belongs to since client data doesn't seem to have one associated with it. This card may have slipped through the cracks and wasn't supposed to ship with the client update, sort of like the Tavern Brawl minion, Mogu Fleshshaper, that is marked as collectible and is causing some fun in-game. Or you know, that Mage hero Celeste we found not too long ago.

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