Poor Millhouse! Last month our little Mage friend was thrown under the bus when HSReplay.net showcased the worst hero choices in Battlegrounds, and now Blizzard is out to get him too!

Hearthstone's Dean Ayala mentioned on Twitter this weekend that Millhouse is least powerful hero in all regions. The lowest average placement and the lowest winrate for top 4 and top 1 makes him a very bad pick right now. If you're considering playing with fire, you'll definitely burn yourself if you pick Millhouse.

Millhouse Manastorm Card Image Manastorm Card Image

Interestingly, Dean says he could use a buff which makes us think there's a good chance they're already trying to figure out a way to better support him. What change would you make to Millhouse to make him more viable?

Quote From Dean Ayala

The least powerful hero in all regions at all levels is Millhouse Manastorm. He has the lowest average placement and lowest rate of top 4 and top 1. He could use a buff :).