We got the official announcement of both the new Hall of Fame cards and a rework to Priest that Hall of Fames some cards today; conspicuously absent from the list of cards was Edwin VanCleef, a card Hearthstone players have been speculating might be moved for quite some time.

Chadd Nervig - Initial Game Designer for Hearthstone, Celestalon on Twitter - took this opportunity to lay out why they didn't move him with this rotation, despite being on their shortlist.

Quote From Chadd Nervig

I'm seeing this topic discussed in Twitch chat, in Reddit, on Twitter, etc, so I'll just respond generally here…

Let's talk about Edwin VanCleef, and why he isn't going to the Hall of Fame (at least, not yet, anyway).

Edwin was very much on our short list of potential cards to Hall of Fame this year. (Sea Giant was the other close contender).

He definitely has been extremely powerful, for a long time. So, why not rotate him? Well, a couple reasons.

  • He's really good, but he's also in a class, not Neutral, and that goes a long way.
  • He's also right up Rogue's alley in terms of class identity.
  • He skews Rogue in general toward playing lots of little cards, but not toward any particular archetype overly strongly.
  • Much of his *current* power level is dependent upon Year of the Dragon cards. This sort of ebb/flow with expansions is good! Not disputing that he's been pretty strong all along, but Year of the Dragon in particular has had really strong synergies for him.

This is definitely a card that we'll continue to reevaluate each year, so I wouldn't be surprised if Edwin does make it to the Hall of Fame in the future. But at least for the Year of the Phoenix, we think the Standard game is better with him still there.

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