We're getting two sets of cards with Ashes of Outland and one of them is only for Demon Hunters!

Hearthstone's 10th class, the Demon Hunter, is being added to the game starting on April 2, 5 days before the launch of Ashes of Outland, though it won't be fully playable until the expansion launch on April 7. The Demon Hunter has cards in the Basic set, the Ashes of Outland set, and an additional 20 cards in their own set - Demon Hunter Initiate set.

What is the Demon Hunter Initiate Set

The Demon Hunter Initiate set is a 20-card Hearthstone set that belongs to the Year of the Dragon (for set-rotation purposes). The set contains only Demon Hunter cards and helps give our new friends access to extra cards since they haven't been around for very long.

As of today, we know 17 of the 20 cards in the set. You can see all the cards from the initiate set over on our card database. Here are a few cards to tease you.

Flamereaper Card Image Hulking Overfiend Card Image Consume Magic Card Image Battlefiend Card Image

How Do I Unlock the Demon Hunter and the Initiate Set?

You'll be able to unlock the Demon Hunter class by playing a special prologue starting on April 2. After finishing the missions, you'll be given the following:

The prologue campaign consists of four story-focused single-player missions, which retell Illidan Stormrage’s origin story from his perspective in the Hearthstone universe.

The Demon Hunter will become playable on April 7 with the release of Ashes of Outland.

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