We're celebrating Easter, Spring, Adorable Bunnies, and Noblegarden here on Out of Cards! Read on to see how you can take part in our egg hunt this year and unlock some sweet forum swag.

The Great Egg Hunt Clues

We've got 10 clues that will take you on a journey throughout the site. These clues may require some detective work on your part, and they may involve games you aren't entirely familiar with. Have fun!

  1. Eggs are a good source of protein. Especially the first of the carton.
  2. It's a full out brawl and everyone's invited, just bring some dye for the eggs!
  3. This little demonic being is always on duty when it comes to Easter.
  4. Canadians and Ionians are quite alike, supporting their friends during the Spring.
  5. You'll bounce into some serious power, but Brann and Bob have quite the racket.
  6. There is no chance you’ll be able to chase me; Not in these harsh whiteout conditions.
  7. You won't want to eat these eggs since they're almost 30 years old!
  8. Celebrate the holiday with us and reminisce about some of the best eggs.
  9. Will you join us for some egg-cellent chat?
  10. Watch out! Don’t step on this egg for it will make a mess of the site.

You have until April 20th to complete our Egg Hunt. After then, the achievement, and cosmetics, will no longer be available.

Your Egg Hunt Status

The Great Egg Hunt 2020 Unlocks

These are only available during the event. You must complete all the criteria to get them!

New Forum Titles

Chromatic Egg
Cottontail Teemo
Golden Egg
Spring Rabbit
Scrambled Eggs

New Profile Headers

Chromatic Egg

Cottontail Teemo

Golden Egg

Easter 2020