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I've got an update to share on both of our giveaways for our ongoing site events, Path to Ascension for Legends of Runeterra and Fun at the Crossroads for Hearthstone.

Path to Ascension Giveaway Ends

Yesterday the giveaway ended for our Path to Ascension event. We drew names out of the pool and here are the results!

  • Winners: NerdyMcNerd, JFK, Draketh
  • Drawn at: 2021-03-11T22:30:07.040913+00:00
  • Total Entries: 115

In the name of transparency, here are how many entries everyone received. (You received an entry for each Ascension Giveaway Ticket that was purchased in the shop)

Show Spoiler

Adding 3 entries for TheDarkLord.
Adding 2 entries for ToxiChris.
Adding 1 entries for MachineGod.
Adding 1 entries for Urahata.
Adding 1 entries for simon002.
Adding 5 entries for Draketh.
Adding 1 entries for R.
Adding 2 entries for tnrg.
Adding 1 entries for NebuchadnezzarHS.
Adding 2 entries for LilUziGurt.
Adding 2 entries for EpicPickle.
Adding 1 entries for darkoprk.
Adding 1 entries for FrankRazor.
Adding 3 entries for Theodrinus.
Adding 1 entries for minuano28.
Adding 1 entries for ReverendArvide.
Adding 1 entries for bananenparty.
Adding 5 entries for JFK.
Adding 1 entries for Bilot.
Adding 3 entries for juanlufc5.
Adding 4 entries for Psymon.
Adding 3 entries for LethalSpectre.
Adding 1 entries for Knifemare.
Adding 5 entries for Grumpy000.
Adding 4 entries for NerdyMcNerd.
Adding 3 entries for Karmin.
Adding 4 entries for Demonxz95.
Adding 2 entries for MisterGuedes.
Adding 3 entries for Psychopomp.
Adding 1 entries for Kiyo.
Adding 1 entries for TkGuardian.
Adding 3 entries for Pyronix.
Adding 1 entries for Drageren.
Adding 2 entries for FenrirWulf.
Adding 4 entries for Zolgear.
Adding 3 entries for RangersHL30.
Adding 2 entries for Thresh.
Adding 4 entries for GerritDeMan.
Adding 4 entries for sto650.
Adding 1 entries for DarkFrostX.
Adding 2 entries for Amaringo.
Adding 5 entries for Topandito.
Adding 1 entries for CaptainDG.
Adding 3 entries for SAYONARAARIGATO.
Adding 2 entries for linkblade91.
Adding 4 entries for Pekulik.
Adding 1 entries for TripleAwe13.
Adding 4 entries for TrussHS.

Fun at the Crossroads - Changes

When we initially put up the giveaway, the confidence that we'd be seeing the expansion released on March 23 was through the roof. Everything that we normally used as an indicator for launches pointed to that date as the expansion's release date. I'm not entirely sure what happened here, and if I knew for certain I don't think I'd be able to share it anyway with everyone but the reality is, Forged in the Barrens releases on March 30.

We're changing the giveaway end date for one of our giveaways.

I don't like doing this. Giveaways should be sacred; When the rules are put out in the open, they should not be able to be modified. In this particular case though, it would be really weird to end our giveaway early. The important dates:

  • March 22 - RegisKillbin, Chris Sierra, and Liv Breeden are revealing the cards in the final reveal stream.
  • March 26-29 - Pre-Release Weekend.
  • March 30 - Forged in the Barrens Launch

The site giveaway's new end date is March 24 at 11:59:59 PM Eastern. This extends the giveaway by 6 days.

On March 22, we'll have all the cards available which means those of you participating in our Tavern Crawl will have extra time to make sure you can get in your commentary on the new cards and those card ratings. Now you won't need to be in a super rush to get the few cards that will be out by our old date done during the card reveal period! This also gives me one less thing to worry about while schedules get wacky with the reveals going on.

I'll be sending a private message to everyone on the site who has purchased Barrens Giveaway Tickets to make sure they get notified of the change. We'll also now be drawing and posting winners on March 25 now so don't expect anything before that. A news article will be created after winners are private messaged. The winners will likely be posted earlier on the event page itself though for those interested.

This change is only for our site giveaway. Our Gleam social media giveaway is not changing.

Thanks, everyone for understanding!