Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

On behalf of all the staff here at Out of Cards, I wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. No matter what you're celebrating, come hang out with us by the hearth and enjoy some milk and cookies! As is tradition, Blizzard's Hearthstone Murloc Yule Log has arrived for your looping pleasure.

Looking Back on 2021

Although I'm not going to jump into a huge review of the year, damn it's been a rough one, especially towards the end both on-site and off. When 2021 began, I had a large list of goals I wanted to accomplish here and we missed that mark quite a bit! Though there are some positives because through our further commitments into supporting Hearthstone here, we've had a great year of content thanks to our awesome staff and the Hearthstone team really ramped up their output which has kept us on our toes.

I'm looking to add a few new staff members in the new year, including someone to be a more generalized creator and editor who would replace much of what I do as far as content goes because it's quite clear my current role of *everything* is no longer sustainable if we want to grow Out of Cards further and get a start on our other plans. I'd also like to find someone that is passionate and great at Hearthstone Battlegrounds so if that's you, and you think you could create great educational content for the mode, I want to hear from you when we put up applications. 

Legends of Runeterra coverage will get back into a consistent pace if we can find the right person to manage that section of the site. We no longer have anyone on staff for LoR and I wish it was something that could have been addressed much sooner because I know we gain some large boosts of activity when there are new expansions and I'm disappointed that we haven't been able to push out anything good in quite some time now for the game.

I'm also expecting us to be expanding into other games for guide and occasional news content. I wanted this to be focus towards the end of 2021 but as we all know, stuff gets busy and plans change. There are no exact plans in place for what titles will be a part of that, but I will be looking at adding new staff members to focus on single titles and managing those sections of our site. Again, if that's something anyone is interested in, keep your eyes open when we put up a call for applications.

I'll be taking next week off for the most part, a semi-vacation from the site if you will, but everyone will be left in good hands and you can expect content to continue flowing out. I've been trying to take a week off all year with July, August, and November all being times I tried to make it work out but damn, things always get too crazy to make that a reality.

Holiday Goodies

We've put out some site freebies in the past and this year is no different, however, the winter event is not ready to be fully started yet but we've returned our favourite Snowballs! We originally wanted to have the event take place during December and January but plans weren't able to be finalized in time. We're still hard at work putting the plans into their final form, and we'll launch that when we're ready. Until then, don't get lost!

Visit Snowpocalypse 2's Event Page and Open Your Gifts (Gifts openable until Dec 31, 23:59 EDT)