Blizzard gave us some codes to celebrate the new Hearthstone expansion, Descent of Dragons, and we decided to give them out to you for sharing your thoughts on all the new cards.

  • The giveaway has concluded. All grand prize winners have been private messaged.
  • Forum-specific rewards are going to go out within the week. There are a ton of them.
  • We had 1129 valid entrants with 85207 valid entries.
  • 135 of you only voted on all 140 cards. If you each had your own card, you'd make a normal Hearthstone set.

Grand Prize Winners

Five of you have won the grand prize, a Descent of Dragons 60 pack bundle provided by Blizzard!

  • Wendeee
  • serverpasta
  • DelkoHS
  • AngryShuckie
  • DarkFrostX

Our Grand Prize winners will also be receiving the exclusive "Child of Galakrond" forum title and profile theme. Please, if you're on the list, login and check your direct messages.

Runner-up Winners

One hundred of you have won the runner-up prize, the exclusive "Child of Galakrond" forum title and profile theme. These are never going to be earned again, though you'll have to give us a little bit of time to get the rewards out to everyone.

FearGralex, sampaiodias, Mitsuba, troY, Draakmier, Keegan, Trillmatic, meisterz39, Elvaeyn, Nere, Lemushki, xovero, Moldovia, Ivoryphoenix, nikolakus, YourPrivateNightmare, bigcums, FuriousBeagle, Stockworth, Zolgear, Nessy2000, Tenebrae, angelkas, FilsonTheRat, TwistedFate, Stock, ElSabidon, baboen, KinetiClasH, Voltaire27, TheBlackHand, Camden, Rudzias, og0, puFF, gmitra, Wakubika, Splatterman, Blackpancake, Life44, nesden, N0Sp00n22, dembro, Ikxienh0, Eregar, juda, RevanZim, shulax, Ratchet, magikman, zaymac, EnderAdam, Vekser, MatwanBR, Caradon, SrpskiCekic, Berilio, ScarletCo, johnyDI, Hedwyn, Aenarion, Alucard3598, mantiax, Meneldor, bryanfeanor, AntonK, dazthamaz, awkwar, Trapzter, strangerzer0, linkblade91, Koetti, Soschinian, Bilot, leitong, Saleh, Trusted, proximity, Skakbrik, Fiedelzwerg, StormCountTwo, BulboScumbeg, Mawryk, Tophatguy, Mizaru, Tehstool, hawanasee, cascale, smaktest, infiniteclock, IlBelTia, IMissLyra, Avalon, Suliman, Teban88, CursedParrot, hermano, LuEimlau, Notgoodgamer, SteelyThunder

Draconically Dedicated

We had 21 of our wonderful community members vote on every single card and respond to every card discussion thread. We've decided to reward all of them with the "Draconically Dedicated" forum title as a show of their achievement. That's 21 out of 1129 people!

Congratulations to allthehype, magikman, linkblade91, liontail, Freforos, Guenh, ArngrimUndying, Koetti, DelkoHS, ssaabbuu, Farfelee, Hedwyn, Haffax733, YourPrivateNightmare, Svintusevich, Juan73908, JFK, Almaniarra, leitong, Doublebuttered, and Torgal!

Yes, We're Doing a Community Compendium

All the vote data has been snapshotted and we'll have a compendium out before the expansion launches on December 10.

Which cards do you think are at the top?

Our Thoughts of Descent of Dragons

We've been busy putting out articles all reveal season with our thoughts on the new cards. You should check them out!