Today, Konami released Battle of Chaos, the first Core Booster of 2022. This booster focuses on giving support for a large number of existing archetypes, as well as adding 3 new ones to the game.

Battle of Chaos Rarity Distribution

The international version of the set has 100 cards, split as follows:

  • 10 Secret Rares
  • 14 Ultra Rares
  • 26 Super Rares
  • 50 Commons

Battle of Chaos Archetypes

The set introduces 3 brand new archetypes to the non-japanese market:

  • Dinorphia - Dinosaur-type Monsters where half the members are humanoids with mechanical augmentations resembling dinosaurs, while the other half are giant robot versions of said dinosaurs. The archetype is heavy on traps and rewards the player for having a low life total.
  • Doll Master - A series of toy-themed cards that were used by the character of Cologne in the Yu-Gi-oh! ZEXAL manga. Their play-style revolves around bringing out Rank 4, 6, and 8 Monsters.
  • Libromancer - Ritual-focused archetype where Effect Monsters can be Special Summoned by revealing a Ritual Monster in your hand, and you can use them to summon said Ritual Monster. This is a World Premiere archetype, meaning the Japanese player base of the game will receive it at the same time as the international one.

This is also the first time the "Lady of Lament" archetype receives any support, in the form of Alice, Lady of Lament. Other archetypes supported in this set include, but are not limited to, Aesir (and the related Nordic, Nordic Beast, and Nordic Relic), Blue-eyes, Kuriboh, Ghostrick, D/D/D, Magnet Warrior, Magna Warrior, Myutant, Swordsoul and more.

Battle of Chaos Full Card List

Set CodeCard NameRarityCategoryPrint
BACH-EN001MagikuribohSuper RareFiend Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN002Dimension ConjurerCommonSpellcaster Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN003Timaeus the United DragonUltra RareDragon Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN004Blue-Eyes Jet DragonStarlight RareDragon Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN005Dictator of D.Super RareSpellcaster Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN006Icejade KosmochlorSecret RareAqua Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN007Icejade AegirineUltra RareAqua Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN008Icejade Creation KingfisherSuper RareAqua Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN009Dinomorphia TheriziaStarlight RareDinosaur Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN010Dinomorphia DiplosCommonDinosaur Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN011Nordic Beast GullinburstiSuper RareBeast Tuner MonsterNew
BACH-EN012Nordic Smith IvaldiSuper RareWarrior Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN013D/D GryphonSuper RareFiend Pendulum Normal MonsterNew
BACH-EN014Ghostrick SirenCommonFairy Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN015Vampire GhostUltra RareZombie Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN016S-Force LapcewellCommonFiend Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN017S-Force RetroactiveSuper RareWarrior Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN018Neiroy, the Dream Mirror TraitorCommonFiend Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN019Myutant MutantCommonPsychic Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN020Epsilon The Magnet WarriorCommonRock Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN021The Agent of Destruction - VenusCommonFairy Tuner MonsterNew
BACH-EN022Kaiza the Hidden StarCommonWarrior Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN023Simorgh, Bird of PerfectionCommonWinged Beast Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN024Skilled Brown MagicianCommonSpellcaster Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN025Chaos NephthysUltra RareWinged Beast Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN026Epigonen, the Impersonation InvaderSuper RareRock Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN027Submareed Tour RideCommonDinosaur Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN028Alice, Lady of LamentSuper RareFiend Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN029Leafplace PlaiceCommonPsychic Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN030Mad HackerCommonCyberse Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN031Silvervine SenriCommonBeast Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN032Shining PiecephiliaCommonRock Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN033Darton the Mechanical MonstrosityCommonMachine Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN034Illusion of ChaosSecret RareSpellcaster Ritual Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN035White Relic of DogmatikaSuper RareSpellcaster Ritual Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN036Master of ChaosUltra RareSpellcaster Fusion MonsterNew
BACH-EN037Blue-Eyes Tyrant DragonUltra RareDragon Fusion MonsterNew
BACH-EN038Dinomorphia KentreginaUltra RareDinosaur Fusion MonsterNew
BACH-EN039Dinomorphia StealthbergiaSuper RareDinosaur Fusion MonsterNew
BACH-EN040Guardian ChimeraSecret RareBeast Fusion MonsterNew
BACH-EN041Swordsoul Sinister Sovereign - Qixing LongyuanSecret RareWyrm Synchro MonsterNew
BACH-EN042Maple MaidenCommonFairy Synchro MonsterNew
BACH-EN043Dark Dimension SoldierSuper RareWarrior Synchro MonsterNew
BACH-EN044D/D/D Deviser King Deus MachinexUltra RareFiend XYZ MonsterNew
BACH-EN045The Zombie VampireSecret RareZombie XYZ MonsterNew
BACH-EN046Onibimaru Soul SweeperCommonFiend XYZ MonsterNew
BACH-EN047Ghostrick FestivalCommonSpellcaster Link MonsterNew
BACH-EN048Vampire FascinatorSuper RareZombie Link MonsterNew
BACH-EN049Dharc the Dark Charmer, GloomySuper RareSpellcaster Link MonsterNew
BACH-EN050Vision with Eyes of BlueSuper RareContinuous Spell CardNew
BACH-EN051Ultimate FusionSuper RareQuick-Play Spell CardNew
BACH-EN052Icejade Cenote Enion CradleSuper RareField Spell CardNew
BACH-EN053Branded DiscipleCommonContinuous Spell CardNew
BACH-EN054DogmatikamacabreCommonRitual Spell CardNew
BACH-EN055Nordic Relic HlidskjalfSuper RareNormal Spell CardNew
BACH-EN056Dark Contract with Patent LicenseSuper RareField Spell CardNew
BACH-EN057Ghostrick ShotCommonNormal Spell CardNew
BACH-EN058Ogdoadic Serpent StrikeCommonContinuous Spell CardNew
BACH-EN059Ursarctic RadiationUltra RareContinuous Spell CardNew
BACH-EN060Floowandereeze and the Advent of AdventureUltra RareQuick-Play Spell CardNew
BACH-EN061XYZ CombineSuper RareContinuous Spell CardNew
BACH-EN062Clear New WorldCommonNormal Spell CardNew
BACH-EN063Sales BanSecret RareNormal Spell CardNew
BACH-EN064Top ShareCommonNormal Spell CardNew
BACH-EN065Uradora of FateCommonNormal Spell CardNew
BACH-EN066Icejade ErosionCommonContinuous Trap CardNew
BACH-EN067Swordsoul StrifeCommonContinuous Trap CardNew
BACH-EN068Dinomorphia DomainSecret RareNormal Trap CardNew
BACH-EN069Dinomorphia AlertCommonNormal Trap CardNew
BACH-EN070Dinomorphia BruteCommonNormal Trap CardNew
BACH-EN071Dinomorphia ShellCommonCounter Trap CardNew
BACH-EN072Dinomorphia SonicCommonCounter Trap CardNew
BACH-EN073Dinomorphia ReversionSuper RareCounter Trap CardNew
BACH-EN074Nordic Relic SvalinnSuper RareContinuous Trap CardNew
BACH-EN075D/D/D HeadhuntCommonNormal Trap CardNew
BACH-EN076Ghostrick or TreatCommonNormal Trap CardNew
BACH-EN077Monster RebirthCommonNormal Trap CardNew
BACH-EN078Tribe DriveCommonNormal Trap CardNew
BACH-EN079Imprudent IntrusionCommonNormal Trap CardNew
BACH-EN080End of the LineCommonNormal Trap CardNew
BACH-EN081DragonbiteUltra RareInsect Tuner MonsterNew
BACH-EN082FlowerdinoCommonDinosaur Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN083Rock ScalesCommonFish Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN084The Great Double Casted CasterCommonSpellcaster Fusion MonsterNew
BACH-EN085Sol and LunaUltra RareQuick-Play Spell CardNew
BACH-EN086Libromancer MagigirlSuper RareSpellcaster Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN087Libromancer AgentSuper RareWarrior Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN088Libromancer FirestarterSuper RareCyberse Ritual Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN089Libromancer DoombrokerUltra RareFiend Ritual Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN091Libromancer InterventionSuper RareNormal Trap CardNew
BACH-EN092Fire Opal HeadCommonDinosaur Pendulum Normal MonsterNew
BACH-EN093Doll Monster Miss MädchenCommonFairy Normal MonsterNew
BACH-EN094Doll Monster Bear-BearCommonBeast Normal MonsterNew
BACH-EN095Smoke MosquitoCommonInsect Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN096Nowru Aries the Vernal DragonCommonDragon Effect MonsterNew
BACH-EN097Groza, Tyrant of ThunderCommonFiend Synchro MonsterNew
BACH-EN098Doll HappinessCommonContinuous Spell CardNew
BACH-EN099Smile PotionCommonNormal Trap CardNew
BACH-EN100The Dark MagiciansStarlight RareSpellcaster Fusion MonsterReprint

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