If you're finding yourself strapped for Gems in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel, we might have some good news: There's a way to increase the amount of Gems you earn from daily mission, and it's all on Konami!

First, let's talk about how Daily Missions work in Master Duels. There can be up to 9 of them active at once, and they last until the season ends. When you complete and claim one of them, it frees up a slot. The following day, you get 3 new missions, assuming there are enough empty slots. 

Here's the thing: There are exactly 9 daily missions in the game. And when a you get a mission, it cannot be a duplicate. So if you don't claim a mission, you are guaranteed to not get it the following day.

This is basically the exploit: Leave your small missions unclaimed, so that you can guarantee you get the big ones (one for 30 Gems, and 2 for 50) every day. Combined with the 20 Gems you get for a daily login and the 5 for spectating a match, that's 155 Gems a day.

Obviously, Konami will fix this exploit at some point, likely by adding more missions, but enjoy your extra Gems for now! And whatever you do, until the season ends, DO NOT click the "Claim all Awards at once" button!