The Xyz Festival started yesterday, and the meta around it has taken a very interesting turn. Players started using so-called "Self-TK decks", which allow you to LOSE the duel in a very short amount of time. This is because of the way Medals were handled: every loss rewarded half the medals that a win would, so if you managed to lose 3 games in the amount of time it took to win 1, you'd earn the rewards much faster.

To combat this, Konami has taken a very interesting measure: rewards for winning have been increased by 5 times compared to the original amount. So a victory will now give you 500 Medals, or 250 if you're playing one of the loaner decks. The rewards for losing remain the same, meaning that winning is 10 times as fruitful as losing.

Quote From Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Games (KONAMI Europe)


We've made the adjustments outlined in the attached image as a countermeasure to the feedback we've been receiving about the current Xyz Festival.

We'll continue to make improvements and balance adjustments to events in order to make the game more enjoyable for all.

Are you enjoying the Xyz Festival so far? How far did you get in before this change? Let us know in the comments below.