The N/R Rarity Festival will take place in about a week and, as promised, Konami released the ban list for it today. They've also given us the 3 Loaner Decks that will be used during the event. Lastly, they updated the rewards structure compared to last time, though it's unclear how many medals a win will grant you this time around. Let's take a look!

Ban List

Just like last time, there's a specific ban list in play, this one targeting specific archetypes that could prove problematic, as well as self-kill decks in an effort to prevent what happened during the last festival. Aside from all the UR and SR cards (which are not allowed for obvious reasons), the following list is in effect (this is in addition to the regular ban list).




Loaner Decks

Just like in the previous event, there are 3 loaner decks players can use. Decklists are below.

Thuderbolt of the Far North

A Deck based on "Armed Dragon", which evolves into a higher-Level dragon when the right conditions are met. Overcome your opponent's monsters through battle and the effect of "Armed Dragon", and destroy their Spell and Trap Cards with "Guardagon Cataclysm" and the like!

Armed Dragon Thunder LV5 Card Image Dragunity Knight - Luin Card Image Dark Armed, the Dragon of Annihilation Card Image

Main Deck
Extra Deck

A Bond Through the Passion of Cards

A Deck that battles with Warrior-Type monsters while powering them up with Equip Spell Cards. Use monsters that have effects that make them into Equip Cards, and aim to Synchro Summon.

Infernoble Knight - Roland Card Image Gaia Drake, the Universal Force Card Image Infernoble Knight Oliver Card Image

Main Deck
Extra Deck

Tangled Hawk's Nest

A Deck that has a lot of cards that can interfere with your opponent's strategies. Use "PSY-Frame" monsters and "Paleozoic" Trap Card to counter their tactics. The key to victory lies in how you form Chains and use "Iron Chain" monsters.

PSY-Frame Driver Card Image Paleozoic Dinomischus Card Image Iron Chain Snake Card Image

Main Deck
Extra Deck


The rewards track has been updated, and for the better! Just like the Xyz Event, it uses a Medals system. However, instead of alternating between Gems and Tickets, all the rewards up until 10000 Medals are Gems (2300 in total), while everything after is Tickets. We don't know yet how many medals can be won in a duel, other than playing with loaner decks gives you the same amount as with original decks.

During the Xyz Festival, a win awarded 100 Medals, but the rewards were also spread out a lot more. Looking at how the rewards are spread out now, there's a chance that a win will give you 500 medals this time around, the same amount that was given last time to combat Self-TK decks.

Here's a breakdown of the rewards:

110002x Legacy Packs
120002x Legacy Packs
130002x Legacy Packs
140002x Legacy Packs
150002x Legacy Packs
160002x Legacy Packs
170002x Legacy Packs
180002x Legacy Packs
190002x Legacy Packs
200002x Legacy Packs

The N/R Rarity Festival starts on March 22nd/23rd and ends on April 3rd/4th (depending on your time-zone). Hope to see you there!