Master Duel brings a few pleasant surprises for its players today! First up, the on-going N/R Festival has a few extra missions that will grant you more Gems. There's also some new selection packs coming to the game, bringing with them cards new to Master Duel. You can learn more about both of these by checking the in-game notification menu. Let's get into it!

Extra Missions

In the missions menu, under Limited-Time Missions, there are two brand new mission chains added to the Campaign subsection. They are as follow:

  • Inflict damage to your opponent:
    • 10000, 20000 damage: 30 Gems each
    • 30000 damage: 40 Gems each
    • 50000, 70000, 100000 damage: 50 Gems each
  • Win a Duel in Exhibition:
    • 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 wins: 50 Gems each

That's 500 total extra Gems. Added together with the already existing rewards, the event will net each player a total of 3800 Gems. These missions can only be completed in the N/R event.

New Cards

Two months after the game's release, Master Duel is getting some new cards! These cards will initially be available through Selection Packs, though there's a chance they'll get Secret Packs of their own. We don't know the full content of these packs just yet, but Konami was kind enough to give us a glimpse at the archetypes coming with them, as well as a few cards.

The new cards will be available on April 4th, when the N/R event ends. At the same time, the two existing Packs, Saltwart Force and Revival of Legends, will be rotated out.

The first Selection Pack pack goes by "Ruler's Mask", and brings with it the Despia, Magikey, and Gunkan Archetypes. There's 5 cards we know are added to the game (Dramaturge is SR, everything else is UR):

The other Pack added to the game is called "Beyond Speed", and seems to be focused on Synchro Summoning. It contains cards from the Speedroid, Majestic, and Fleur archetypes. Here's the cards we know (all of them UR):

Despian Quaeritis Card Image Baronne de Fleur Card Image Starving Venemy Dragon Card Image

Are you excited for the cards coming to the game? What archetype are you building next? Let us know in the comments bellow!