Oh, boy, here we go again! It hasn't even been a week since the N/R Festival ended, and Konami has already announced a new one on the horizon. This time, it's the Synchro Festival, where the only Extra-Deck Monsters allowed are Synchro Monsters. Good timing, too, since the latest batch of cards include a good number of Synchros, including the very powerful Baronne de Fleur. The event starts on April 11th/12th and ends on April 21st/22nd. Let's see what's coming our way! 

Rewards and Missions

Along with the announcement of the Festival, the rewards track for the Festival has also been published. You can check it out in Duels -> Event Duel -> Rewards List. You earn rewards by winning Medals during the Festival. It is the same structure from the previous event, you earn 500 Medals for winning and 50 for losing, but you won't earn anything if you surrender.

Just like with the N/R Festival, the first half (or, more accurate, first two thirds) of the track consists of Gem Rewards, while the end of the track is filled with Reward Tickets for Bonus Synchro Packs that we don't know the contents of yet. There's a toatal of 2300 Gems and 20 Reward Packs.

Interestingly, the track also has some cosmetic rewards this time around. At 5500 Medals, there's a brand new Mate Board inspired by Hanafuda cards. And the very last reward on the track is a Title for your profile.

There's also 4 special mission chains (already in the Missions tab) that can only be completed by playing the event. They are as follows:

Special Summon a Monster/Normal Summon a Monster/Monsters on your opponent's field are destroyed:

  • 3 and 5 Monsters: 30 Gems each
  • 10 Monsters: 40 Gems
  • 20, 30, and 50 Monsters: 50 Gems each

Duel in the event:

  • 2, 3, 5, 7, and 10 Duels: 50 Gems each

That's 1000 Gems from the missions. In total, the Festival as a whole will give you 3300 Gems.

Rewards Track Breakdown

No. of MedalsRewards
5050 Gems
10050 Gems
500200 Gems
1000200 Gems
1500200 Gems
2000100 Gems
250050 Gems
300050 Gems
3500200 Gems
400050 Gems
450050 Gems
5000300 Gems
5500Flower Gatherring Mate Base
600050 Gems
700050 Gems
8000300 Gems
900050 Gems
1000050 Gems
11000300 Gems
12000Synchro Reward Ticket x2
13000Synchro Reward Ticket x2
14000Synchro Reward Ticket x2
15000Synchro Reward Ticket x2
16000Synchro Reward Ticket x2
17000Synchro Reward Ticket x2
18000Synchro Reward Ticket x2
19000Synchro Reward Ticket x2
20000Synchro Reward Ticket x2
21000Synchro Reward Ticket x2
22000Synchro Festival 2022 Title

Loaner Decks

Like with the previous two events, 3 Loaner decks are available for players. You can select any of them to play during the event if you can't or don't want to build your own.

Shining Crystal Wings

Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon Card Image Crystal Clear Wing Synchro Dragon Card Image Clear Wing Synchro Dragon Card Image

This Deck takes advantage of "Speedroid" monsters' abilities to extend plays to ultimately bring out its most powerful Dragon-Type Synchro Monster. Put the pressure on your opponent by using Crystal Clear Wing Synchro Dragon to negate their effect activations.

Revolution Calls Thy Name

Chevalier de Fleur Card Image Sauge de Fleur Card Image Baronne de Fleur Card Image 

This Deck uses Tuner monsters like Fleur Synchron to Synchro Summon its strongest Warrior-Type Synchro Monster. Turn the Duel in your favor by using the ever-versatile Baronne de Fleur! This formidable monster allows you to destroy any card on the field, and you can also return it to your Extra Deck to Special Summon a Level 9 or below monster from your Graveyard.

Miracles of Convergence

Shooting Star Dragon Card Image Shooting Majestic Star Dragon Card Image Stardust Dragon Card Image

This Deck employs a strategy that revolves around Stardust Dragon, using it to call out even bigger and more powerful Synchro Monsters. Special Summon Shooting Majestic Star Dragon with Majestic Dragon and it'll gain extra attacks during your Battle Phase depending on what kind of monsters are in your Graveyard! This superstar will be sure to lead you to victory.

Ban List

As with the other two events, this one has it's own Forbidden and Limited List. You can check it out below (it does not mention any limits that also apply in the normal game mode, or non-Synchro Extra Deck Monsters).

Eldlich the Golden Lord Card Image Herald of Ultimateness Card Image Banquet of Millions Card Image

Are you excided for this festival? What decks are you planning to play? Let us know in the comments below!