In an attempt to shake up some of the monotony the strong archetypes introduced in pasts sets, this newly announced Forbidden & Limited List mostly deals with unlimiting cards and diversifying the meta. It will go into effect starting next month, July 1st 2022. 

It doesn't seem too long ago that we've covered the Tier 0 Splight metagame the OCG had established. Since then, lots of revelations came to be, and it's pretty much been dethroned by Tearalaments.


Toadally Awesome Card Image Crystron Halqifibrax Card Image Vanity's Emptiness Card Image

Limited to 1

Eva Card Image Spellbook of Judgment Card Image Branded Opening Card Image


Genex Ally Birdman Card Image Floowandereeze and the Magnificent Map Card Image Branded Fusion Card Image


Orcust Harp Horror Card Image Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity Card Image Swordsoul Emergence Card Image

Excited for any of these decisions to translate over to the TCG or Master Duel? Let us know in the comments below!