Yesterday, Konami released the Legendary Duelists: Duels From the Deep Booster Pack in the North American region (Europe got it the day before that). It's a pack focused on Anime archetypes, mainly water ones used by Mako Tsunami from the original series, Reginald Kastle from Zexal, and Skye Zaizen from Vrains.

The set focuses on water-type monsters, with 3 discernable archetypes that we'll go into small detail down below. It contains 57 cards, but only 21 of them are new. Probably the most valuable card in the set is, weirdly enough, Forbidden Droplet, which doesn't really fit the theme of the rest of the set.

Frosty Droplet Torrent

Frostosaurus Card Image Forbidden Droplet Card Image Torrential Tribute Card Image

There are 3 cards that don't really fit into any of the 3 archetypes the set offers. Frostosaurus is a Level 6 Normal monster, so it's kinda useless. As mentioned in the intro, Forbidden Droplet is the most valuable card in the set. And Torrential Tribute is an ok Trap that can wipe the board.

FrostosaurusNormal MonsterCommon
Forbidden DropletQuick-Play SpellUltra Rare
Torrential TributeNormal TrapCommon

Umi & The Legendary Fisherman

Doom Kraken Card Image Fish Sonar Card Image Mega Fortress Whale Card Image

A deck used by Mako Tsunami in the anime. It has a lot of cards that benefit from having Umi on the board (a role played in this pack by Lemuria and Sea Stealth II), and uses The Legendary Fisherman III as its boss monster. The deck gets some new cards like Doom Kraken which allow you to control the field, while Mega Fortress Whale and Fish Sonar give the deck some consistency.

Citadel WhaleEffect MonsterCommon 
Doom KrakenEffect MonsterSuper RareNew
Electric JellyfishEffect MonsterSuper RareNew
Levia-Dragon - DaedalusEffect MonsterRare 
Mega Fortress WhaleEffect MonsterUltra RareNew
Ocean Dragon Lord - Kairyu-ShinEffect MonsterUltra RareNew
The Legendary FishermanEffect MonsterCommon 
The Legendary Fisherman IIEffect MonsterCommon 
The Legendary Fisherman IIIEffect MonsterCommon 
Fish SonarNormal SpellUltra RareNew
Fury of Kairyu-ShinNormal SpellCommon 
Lemuria, the Forgotten CityField SpellCommon 
Rage of Kairyu-ShinQuick-Play SpellCommon 
Sea Stealth IIContinuous SpellRareNew
Kairyu-Shin's Dark ReefNormal TrapRareNew
Sea Stealth AttackContinuous TrapCommon 

Rank-Up-Magic Numbers

Crystal Shark Card Image CXyz N.As.Ch. Knight Card Image Abyss Shark Card Image

A deck used by Reginald Kastle, a.k.a Shark, a.k.a. Nash, in Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal. This is an Xyz-focused deck, whose main goal is to get out [Hearthstone Card (Number C101: Silent Honor DARK) Not Found]. The deck receives support in the form of Abyss Shark and Crystal Shark, which can help you Xyz summon easier, while N.As.H. Knight lets you keep the field in check and helps you can get to CXyz N.As.Ch. Knight, which can get you to your Number Monsters easier.

Abyss SharkEffect MonsterUltra RareNew
Buzzsaw SharkEffect MonsterCommon 
Crystal SharkEffect MonsterSuper RareNew
Cyber SharkEffect MonsterCommon 
Double Fin SharkEffect MonsterRare 
Saber SharkEffect MonsterCommon 
Silent AnglerEffect MonsterCommon 
Xyz RemoraEffect MonsterCommon 
Bahamut SharkEffect Xyz MonsterRare 
CXyz N.As.Ch. KnightEffect Xyz MonsterSuper RareNew
Full Armored Black Ray LancerEffect Xyz MonsterCommon 
N.As.H. KnightEffect Xyz MonsterSuper RareNew
Number 101: Silent Honor ARKEffect Xyz MonsterGhost Rare 
Number 106: Giant HandEffect Xyz MonsterSuper Rare 
Number 71: Rebarian SharkEffect Xyz MonsterCommon 
Number C101: Silent Honor DARKEffect Xyz MonsterCommon 
Barian's Chaos DrawNormal SpellSuper RareNew
Rank-Up-Magic Quick ChaosQuick-Play SpellCommon 
Rank-Up-Magic - The Seventh OneNormal SpellCommon 
Seventh AscensionNormal SpellUltra RareNew
Seventh EternityContinuous TrapRareNew

Marincess Might

Marincess Springirl Card Image Marincess Aqua Argonaut Card Image Marincess Sleepy Maiden Card Image

A deck used by Skye Zaizen, a.k.a. Blue Angel/Gal/Maiden, in the Yu-Gi-Oh Vrains series. This is a deck that focuses on bringing out the Marincess Link monster and equipping them with other Marincess monsters. The deck gets some swarming ability in the form of  Sleepy Maiden and Springirl, a negate in Aqua Argonaut, and some resurrection and conditional tutoring thanks to Dive

Marincess Blue TangEffect MonsterCommon 
Marincess PascalusEffect MonsterCommon 
Marincess Sea HorseEffect MonsterCommon 
Marincess Sleepy MaidenEffect MonsterRareNew
Marincess SpringirlEffect MonsterSuper RareNew
Marincess Aqua ArgonautEffect Link MonsterUltra RareNew
Marincess Coral AnemoneEffect Link MonsterRare 
Marincess Coral TriangleEffect Link MonsterUltra RareNew
Marincess Crystal HeartEffect Link MonsterCommon 
Marincess Marbled RockEffect Link MonsterCommon 
Marincess Sea AngelEffect Link MonsterCommon 
Marincess Wonder HeartEffect Link MonsterCommon 
Marincess Battle OceanField SpellCommon 
Marincess DiveNormal SpellUltra RareNew
Marincess Bubble RingNormal TrapRareNew
Marincess CirculationNormal TrapRareNew
Marincess WaveNormal TrapCommon