The Master Duel card sleeve giveaway has returned for the Limit One Festival. For those of you not in the know, Konami is hosting a giveaway where 100 players in each region (we're covering North America and Europe) have the chance to win a set of 100 physical card sleeves. The sleeves look identical to the "Xyz Black" protector you can earn in-game by increasing your Duelist Level to 5:

Enter the Giveaway

This giveaway ends on June 27th, winners will be drawn June 29th.

To enter the North-American giveaway, reply to a specific tweet (linked below) with the Ace Card that your deck will use for the festival (an image is not needed, but most people seem to use one anyway). You have until June 27th to reply.

For the North American regions, reply to this tweet over here while also using the hashtags  #Sweepstakes and #YuGiOhMASTERDUEL. Full giveaway rules.

For the European regions, just reply to this tweet over here. You can also comment on their Instagram Post for a second entry. Full giveaway rules.

Quote From Konami

Everything in moderation 👀 Tell us what your Ace Card is for the Limited One Festival and be entered to win a Pack of physical Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL Card Sleeves. #YuGiOhMASTERDUEL

To enter, reply to the Tweet above and tell us what your Ace Card is for the Limit One Festival using the hashtag #Sweepstakes and #YuGiOhMASTERDUEL.
One hundred (100) random entries from Twitter will win one (1) pack of the Card Sleeves. 

Quote From Konami

You‘ve got a chance to win one of our Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL giveaways! To enter, let us know in the comments what your Ace Card for the Limit One Festival is! Open to UK, Swiss & EEA residents.