The Agent of Entropy - Uranus

The Agent of Entropy - Uranus Card Image

Card Stats

  • Card Type Tuner Monster
  • Monster Type Fairy
  • Attribute DARK
  • Level 5
  • Attack 2200
  • Defense 1200

Card Text

If "The Sanctuary in the Sky" is on the field, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand). Once per turn: You can send 1 "The Agent" monster from your Deck to the Graveyard, and if you do, this card's Level becomes the Level of the monster sent to the Graveyard by this effect.

Appears in Card Sets

  • Duelist Alliance - Common (DUEA-EN036)
  • Ghosts From the Past: The 2nd Haunting - Ultra Rare (GFP2-EN054)
  • Primal Origin: Deluxe Edition - Super Rare (PRIO-ENDE3)


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