Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier Card Image

Card Stats

  • Card Type Synchro Monster
  • Monster Type Dragon
  • Attribute WATER
  • Level 9
  • Attack 2700
  • Defense 2000

Card Text

1 Tuner + 2+ non-Tuner monsters When this card is Synchro Summoned: You can banish up to 1 card each from your opponent's hand, field, and GY. (The card in the hand is chosen at random.)

Appears in Card Sets

  • Blazing Vortex - Starlight Rare (BLVO-EN100)
  • Structure Deck: Freezing Chains - Super Rare (SDFC-EN045)
  • Maximum Gold: El Dorado - Premium Gold Rare (MGED-EN027)
  • Battles of Legend: Light's Revenge - Secret Rare (BLLR-EN060)
  • Astral Pack Eight - Ultimate Rare (AP08-EN001)
  • Duel Devastator - Ultra Rare (DUDE-EN014)
  • Duel Terminal 4 - Duel Terminal Ultra Parallel Rare (DT04-EN092)
  • Duelist Saga - Ultra Rare (DUSA-EN081)
  • Hidden Arsenal 4: Trishula's Triumph - Secret Rare (HA04-EN060)
  • Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1 - Duel Terminal Ultra Parallel Rare (HAC1-EN054)
  • High-Speed Riders - Secret Rare (HSRD-EN052)


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