Genex Ally Birdman

Genex Ally Birdman Card Image

Card Stats

  • Card Type Tuner Monster
  • Monster Type Machine
  • Attribute DARK
  • Level 3
  • Attack 1400
  • Defense 400

Card Text

You can return 1 face-up monster you control to the hand; Special Summon this card from your hand, but banish it when it leaves the field, also it gains 500 ATK if the returned monster was WIND on the field.

Appears in Card Sets

  • Duel Terminal 4 - Duel Terminal Normal Parallel Rare (DT04-EN067)
  • Hidden Arsenal 4: Trishula's Triumph - Super Rare (HA04-EN037)
  • Synchron Extreme Structure Deck - Common (SDSE-EN020)
  • Structure Deck: Mechanized Madness - Common (SR10-EN016)
  • Structure Deck: Powercode Link - Common (SDPL-EN016)


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