Pilgrimage through the Cosmos - A custom set with completely custom art!

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    Pilgrimage through the Cosmos is a 145 card custom expansion set within the Great Dark Beyond. Follow Velen and the Vindicaar in this alternate take on the journey from Azeroth to the ancestral homeworld of the Draenei, Argus.

    Art for the set was created by me! It's not very good as I'm not much of an artist and each piece was created under a strict(ish) time limit. With that in mind, I think the custom art really ties the world together in a rather unique way. I began drawing for the set on November 5th, with most non-Legendary cards being limited to 20 minutes of work with Legendaries and special cards usually taking around 30.

    With that preamble out of the way, here's the set! I hope you find the cards interesting, or at least have fun looking at the art!

    Dazzling Legendaries!

    Velen remembers the first spell you've cast in the game, make sure it's a good one!Kiljaedan will stop at nothingLyra will distill you to your purest form


    New Keyword!

    r/hearthstone - Pilgrimage through the Cosmos - 145 Card Fan Expansion with entirely Custom Art!

    Also triggers if you draw a card shuffled into your deck!


    All 145 cards in Class and Rarity order + Extra lore for lore nerds

    Link to Card Presentation

    Link to Supplementary Lore

    Organized Spreadsheet (For people who don't like pictures)


    Thank you for checking out my set!

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