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    So after playing around with Treant Druid and being ultimately a bit disappointed (that game has some fantastic plays, but if you get pushed off the board early you're never getting it back and will most likely lose) I was still very much impressed by the power of [Hearthstone Card (Goru the Mighttree) Not Found], especially in combination with The Forest's Aid, which can make for gamewinning plays, especially when combined with Savage Roar and the like.

    So I figured why not cut the entire Treant stuff and just go straight for the core....and so I put Goru and The Forest in Quest Druid.

    The plan is simple: Instead of relying on Chef Nomi and Elise the Enlightened which need more set up and require us to draw through our deck before we can pressure, we play the tree (preferably as soon as we draw him) and then use the Treants to pressure. We have 4 reloads (and could even get more through Elise) which should run most decks out of removal. Additionally, we also have King Phaoris which benefits a lot from having an 8-mana spell in hand. Cenarius acts as our substitute Savage Roar.

    Unfortunately, Quest Druid isn't really all that well positioned against the current "meta" since most decks snowball pretty hard and take the lead early. Something like Pirate Warrior is pretty hard to beat, especially if you don't get your Quest done on curve.

    Still, I believe that the Tree package could actually help the deck out a lot against the slower decks which you now can simply outpressure instead of having to rely on outvaluing them (which you can't anyways, because decks have gotten so much more nutty)


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