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    Posted 2 years, 7 months ago

    Use this sub-forum to discuss everything Hunter related. Discuss strategies, lore, cards, deck-building, archetypes, and more!

    Hunter Basics.

    Hunter Hero Lore.

    For those of you that have made your way here, let's start some discussion about Hunters!

    • How do you feel about this class?
    • Why do you play/not play this class?
    • What do you think are the most iconic cards of this class?
    • What do you like/dislike about this class?
    • What are your most/least favourite deck archetypes associated with this class?
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    Welp..  got some lunch time to use up;  here we go:

    -Hunter's fun and relatively cheap to maintain *cough* Warrior *cough*

     -I love playing it cause it's always a gamble... you don't have a ton of 0-mana heals or tons of armor but you got loyal beasts and tools to buff them.

    -Iconic cards to me must be Huffer, Misha followed by Dire Frenzy and Play Dead   ... no love for Leokk  :(

    -I love animals and pets.. "only beasts are above deceit"  .. what I dislike is maybe the lack of answer to tokens.. tokens became prevalent in the recent expansions and as a hunter you just get overwhelmed..

    -Least favourite would probably be Bomb hunter... It's fun but I don't really see Rexxar or Alleria all Santa-style with a bag of goblin bombs hurling them at the ennemy..   maybe if we got  a new Mecha-hunter Hero or a bomberman one

    ARES summons Erymanthian Huffer.

    ARES declares attack with Huffer .

    Adonis' hp reached 0. ARES wins!

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