Wild Hunter deck to counter Darkglare Warlock

Madness at the Darkmoon Faire
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    Posted 8 months ago

    I'm really excited to find a theorycrafted counter to Darkglare Warlock, since that deck is holding a grip on Wild right now. For those who don't bother clicking into the decklist, the combo is Toxmonger -> Tentacle of N'Zoth -> Animated Broomstick. It's so good, because it nullifies cards like Loatheb from having much effectiveness.

    More in the deck's guide. :D

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    Posted 8 months ago

    Toxmonger is a really cool card, I'm glad it found a home again. It was an integral part of the OG Quest Hunter deck I had played after having pulled a golden copy of The Marsh Queen from a pack. Good luck farming those Darkglare Warlocks! 

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