Tips to Playing Aranna Starseeker - The Lowest Rated Hero on HS Replay

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    Despite being one of the lowest rated heroes on HS replay, I find that Aranna Starseeker is one of the strongest heroes with Murlocs because her hero power lets her find minions which is the biggest struggle with Murlocs in the early and mid game. General tips for the way I play Aranna:
    • Stay on Tier 1 for longer and play similar to a Rafaam curve, it’s much easier to squeeze in a refresh early on without losing tempo as opposed to trying to tier up on turn 2 since if you go to tier 2 you either don’t finish your hero power quest until Tier 3 or you risk losing massive tempo by not buying minions. By staying on Tier 1 longer, you’ll finish your hero power quest much sooner and remain competitive with the lobby since you’re buying a minion every turn.
    • Try and find murlocs in the first couple of rounds, but don’t refresh excessively and make sure you’re still buying one minion each round at a minimum. If you can find the 2/3 murlocs to buff your board you can even remain competitive against some heroes on Tier 2.
    • Don’t go for super early triples unless you have a specific reason for doing so. Generally if you’re playing Murlocs you want to find golden minions in order to discover minions at Tiers 3, 5 and 6.
    • Even once you finish your hero power quest, it’s much easier for you to find Murlocs but if you still can’t find any, don’t try to force them and go with whatever you can find in the lobby. Tier 3 is a great spot for 7 minions because there’s a lot of minions you can build a board around. If you find deflects you can build for mechs or if you find jugglers you can build for token demons.
    • One of the biggest benefits to Tier 4 is having an extra minion offered to you in the shop but since you’re Aranna that benefit is irrelevant. If you’re playing murlocs, there’s only one murloc on tier 4 so it’s not as detrimental to stay on Tier 3 to find Murloc buffs or find a triple on the board. Once you find a triple on the board, you can freeze it and then on the next turn go tier 4 and discover a Tier 5 minion instead.
    • With Aranna it’s much easier to find golden minions and that is very helpful but can also backfire if you don’t find what you need and fire all your shots off too early. This is an issue in the early and mid-game if most of your board is golden too early and you can’t hit any more golden minions to discover a Tier 5 minion. If you run into this issue on Tier 5 and you don’t really have any more chances to discover a Tier 6 minion and you may need to just go to Tier 6 and roll for Gentle Megasaur manually which at that point your hero power is the least useful.
    I hope the above was helpful and that you find luck with your Aranna games. I really don’t think that she deserves her spot on HS replay as the worst hero and doing even worse than Bartendotron and Illidan (filtered for MMR above 9k). If you want to see a step-to-step guide to me playing Aranna around 12k MMR, check out this link:
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