Friendly PSA: Play Mage for easy Legend

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    Posted 1 year, 2 months ago

    Alright, so after the nerfs hit I decided to go back to ladder and finish my climb to Legend that I had to stop at Diamond 2 because the 50/50 Mage/Paladin spread made it impossible to consistently win.

    In order to prove to myself that I'm good at evaluating cards I picked No-Minion-Mage without the nerfed Deck of Lunacy because I was sure it was still a very potent deck that performs well against just about most decks (outside of super aggro).

    Turns out I wasn't only correct, but also an overwhelming majority of players decided to target the freshly nerfed Paladin by bringing Control Warlock...which gets absolutely trounced by N-M-Mage because you just have more burn than they have healing.

    Long story short: Out of 10 games 9 were Warlock. I lost only one of those due to abysmal draws (turns out picking picking a third Incanter's Flow from Runed Orb instead of Rigged Fair Game with an empty hand was a bad choice, who knew) and one against a cheeky Face Hunter who obviously steamrolled me.


    Baseline: Everyone plays Warlock to hunt Paladin, but there is no Paladin because all of them already made it to Legend, so either play MAge to farm Warlock or play Hunter to farm the Mages farming Warlock (and also farm the Warlocks because Face Hunter is poggers).


    Good luck, I'm going back to failing to make Big Demon Demon Hunter work.

    I tried having fun once.

    It was awful.

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    Posted 1 year, 2 months ago

    Then you're one of the luckier ones. I've been seeing a spread of paladin, mage, warlock and hunters. I think everyone is just still adjusting to the changes. No doubt most people think paladin got the longer straw from the nerfs this time so everyone's targeting it hard. Unfortuntely for controlock players, the deck is fairly abysmal against anything that's not paladin.

    Ranking around diamond 3 with midrange dhunter and deathrattle dhunter. Guess I have to start rethinking the build again, because its not doing too well against paladin but does spectacularly against everything else. Might experiment more with priest and warrior in the next coming days.

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