Rank your favorite Hearthstone Trailers

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    As we are preparing for the grand finale of the Hearthstone Year of the Dragon, let's take a moment to appreciate all the entertaining and flavorful trailers we've gotten over the years so far. I'd like people to rank their favorite Hearthstone trailers and list the basic reasoning. Doesn't have to be every single one if you don't want to. For example, I tend to judge the trailers by how catchy/humble I find them. For this reason, Rastakan's Rumble and Saviors of Uldum are at the top, while non-musical trailers like Ungoro or ones with little music like Rise of Shadows are at the bottom. Tell us your thoughts and prefrences for what you like to see in these trailers. 

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    Kobolds and Catacombs sits on another planet with its flawless vintage style.

    Amongst the more human trailers, Saviors of Uldum is my favorite for the catchy song.

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    My favorite was Knights of the Frozen Throne:

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    The Trailers from the Year of the Mammoth are by far the best! I really like the feeling they give you through their narration and stuff. JtU is about exploring a dangerous and beautiful World, KofT has a sinister and serious vibe and the KaC trailer feels like an invitation from a GM to a Pen&Paper-Game.

    Oh, and MSoG is also pretty good. Nice and Jazzy. 

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    They're all pretty good, if not always my style.  Exact rankings will end up a bit different each day, I'll just group them by tiers.

    The very best

    TGT, WotOG, RR, Boomsday

    The first 3 are just the ones I find catchiest, while Boomsday is the dumbest of them all, and so much better for it.


    GvG, Blackrock, LoE, MSoG, K&C,  Witchwood, DoD

    WW took a while to grow on me. Perhaps I'm a little biased as it is my favourite set flavour-wise.

    On the whole I'm not bothered with DoD, but it got promoted for "DRAGONS!" blurting out when you were expecting something slow.

    The rest are super good, just not quite top tier.

    Good/did their job

    Naxx, Karazhan, Un'Goro, KotFT, RoS, SoU

    I know lots of people like Karazhan and SoU, but I personally dislike those styles of music so I don't rate them highly.

    I never felt RoS meshed together very well, but the Dalaran Heist trailer more than made up for it (though not included on this list).

    I quite like the Un'Goro and Frozen Throne ones, and am glad they sometimes take that route, but that style would need some clever word play to be called great by me.

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    We make a stand right here

    Our choise is crystal clear:




    I legit have shivers everytime.

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    Mean Streets of Gadgetzan will always be my favorite. If only because stylistically I like that e: style of song and I like how wildly creative Gadgetzan was in the actual trailer. The expansion its self...no comment.

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